Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 9th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Suvetlana’s thug calls her and says they are gone somewhere. She says idiot look for them.
Mahek says why are we running? He tells her what the thug said on call. He says we have to hide. They must be looking for us.
Suvetlana says I lost them again. Mahek and shaurya run in the jungle. SHe says why they wanna kill us? He says I don’t know. Mahek falls down. Shaurya picks her. Thugs come. They both hide.A thug fires in the air. Shaurya says lets run. Shaurya’s leg gets injured. Mahek picks him and helps him walk. They hide under the rock. Thugs walk past them. Mahek says what will we do?
Shaurya’s leg hugs. Mahek says stay here. She ties a cloth on his wound.

Scene 2
Yuvraj goes out to look for sweeti. Arush and sweeti are in temple. Yuvraj’s guard texts Arush I am bribing him there.
Suvetlana asks her thugs to look for shaurya and mahek. Sajita is worried for Mahek. There is heavy rain outside.

Mahek says to Shaurya we have to go to hospital. Can’t stay here. He tries to stand but he can’t Mahek says please get up we have to go. He says you go and get out of here. Get some help by morning. Mahek says I am not leaving you alone. She says give me your knife. Mahek says I know how to get the bullet out. She takes his bullet out from the knife. Shaurya screams. Thugs hear. They find them.

Pandit says get up for pheray. Yuvraj comes and sys if you step ahead I will kill you.
Mahek asys what if they heard? He says dont run. We have to hide here.

Yuvraj says to sweeti so wanna marry him? I can burn you both. Sweeit says please leave us alone. I wanna marry him. He says this wont happen in my life. He pulls sweeti. Arish says please let us marry. Yuvraj takes out his gun and says who wants to die first? Sweeti says don’t harm him, I will do what you ask me. Yuvraj says sit in the car. He takes her. Arus says uncle took his girl. He smirks.

Mahek and SHaurya are in jungle. They fight thugs. Police comes. Mahek sees the woman with hidden face trying to shoot them.
Precap-Mahek tries ti fight suvetlana and take off her veil. She shoots Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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