Bepannah 13th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Arshad greets Aditya. It is nice meeting you again. Zoya asks him about their first meeting. Arshad points at the mark on his face. He is the one who gave it to me. Wasim asks him how dare he hurt his would be SIL?

Aditya asks Zoya to come aside for 2 minutes. Wasim is reluctant. Zoya requests her Abbu to let him talk. It will take only 2 minutes. Wasim denies. There are guests at home. Arshad also requests Wasim to give them 2 minutes. Nothing is more important than work. Wasim reluctantly gives in. Zoya and Aditya go to another room.

Aditya asks Zoya about Arshad but she first demands to know if he really hit Arshad. Aditya agrees. She asks him why he always beats people. He asks her if she thinks him to be a goon. I don’t do this all the time. Wasim walks back towards Aditya and

Zoya. I think your 2 minutes are done. Zoya asks Aditya to give pen. Wasim remarks that it feels as if it isn’t Zoya who is working for Aditya but vice versa. Zoya signs the papers. Arshad is headed towards that room. Wasim tells him she is coming. Arshad says I understand. It happens in my profession too. Aditya is going out when Arshad says we dint meet nicely at first but hope we meet like friends next time. He gets a call. Aditya leaves.

Arshad seeks everyone’s leave. Zoya says it is ok. Work is important. I should also go as the event is due soon. Arshad offers to drop her. She tries to decline but Wasim tells her to go with him. You guys can talk on your way. Aditya is still outside the door. He leaves after overhearing this. Arshad and Zoya leave. Arshad’s mother remarks that they seem to be a couple made by God.

In the car, Arshad tells Zoya that it is interesting that their parents were friends earlier and are now they are thinking of getting together. Zoya honestly tells him that she was married before too. I have a past. He remarks that everyone has a past. Life isn’t in the past or future. It is in present. Believe me if you are happy in this moment then your tomorrow will be happy. If our relationship is taken forward then I will fill your life with happiness. He gets a call and attends it. I will reach right away. Can we take a detour for 10 minutes? She agrees.

Arjun asks Noor why she dint tell them that a guy is coming to see Zoya. She tells him to believe her that she dint know anything. Abbu and Ammi sent me outside and made Appi stay at home. I wasn’t told anything. Arjun asks her how she does not know anything. Your parents must have made some preps. Aditya tells him not to take out his frustration on Noor. We should think what should be done. Noor thinks to tell Appi everything that Aditya is feeling but Arjun stops her. Aditya wants to tell Zoya himself. Call her here. Arjun looks at Noor who nods.

Arshad brings Zoya to his hospital. Please wait in the waiting room for 5 minutes. I will send coffee. I will be back before the coffee is over. He heads inside.

Anjana asks Doc why he had to call at home. Doc insists it is an emergency. We are giving her extra dosages. She can die. Anjana tells him she does not care. Don’t let her die and don’t leave her fit enough to live! She walks away in a huff. Zoya is in the same hospital. Her phone is ringing. She drops it while taking it out from the bag. She notices Anjana from the backside and recognizes her. What is she doing here?

Sakshi opens her eyes and looks at the drip in her hand. Zoya is headed towards her room. Sakshi mistakes it to be the footsteps of nurse and closes her eyes. She will give me another injection otherwise.

Arshad mingles happily with the kids and cheers them up. Zoya watches him thus. A nurse tells her that Arshad is a hit amongst the kids.

Aditya is pacing worriedly. Noor said she will be here in 10 minutes. What is she doing! Arshad stops his car outside Zosh and opens the car’s door for Zoya. Aditya is watching them from upstairs. Arshad leaves. Zoya turns and finds Aditya staring at her. Sorry I got late. Aditya says it hasn’t happened till now but it can. He pulls her inside with him. I have to talk to you. She asks him what he wants to say. He asks her how she can think about marrying after meeting a guy for an hour. she declines. He starts talking about the recent changes in her and her half day of work today. She replies that she dint know Arshad was coming home. I don’t want to get married. He hugs her happily. She asks him what has happened to him. He replies that he is happy. She pulls away. Why? He tells her that she has taken the correct decision. You need to focus on your work. You need someone who can understand your work. Say no to your father right away! she asks him what is wrong with him. He calms down. I want to tell you that. He thinks it is the right chance to tell her. Say it. Peon brings food just then. Zoya takes it. Aditya looks at the peon pointedly. Go now.

Aditya asks Zoya to talk to her Abbu asap. The more you delay, the more problem it creates. She tells him not to worry. I will talk to my Abbu. He says I am concerned about that guy and not you. He looks so decent. He will be heartbroken to know you aren’t serious about getting married. What’s his name? She tells him. He feeds her noodles. Arshad walks in right then and looks at them thus.

Precap: Zoya tells Abbu that Arshad must be really nice and he indeed seems to be. I have no place for love. I can only be friends. It will be better if I tell this to him asap. Her mother tells her to stop talking. Zoya turns towards her when Arshad comes in.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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