Bepannah 17th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Sakshi had reached the party venue and wish she only gets a phone to make a call.
Anjana was angry at a servant and tells him to find her anyway, she must otherwise come here and fill her sons against her. Zoya years this and asks what has Anjana lost, she can help her as she knows the detail of everyone involved in the party. Anjana was annoyed with Zoya and asks if she had been spying her? Zoya clarifies she just came to call her for another surprise. Anjana was tensed about Sakshi and comes along Zoya calling each surprise a waste of time.
During the party, Aditya gives a thumbs up to Zoya. Everyone’s attention was grabbed when Harsh begins a dance performance. Anjana, Aditya and Arjun join their parents and dance together. Zoya and Noor later gives a dance performance. Aditya joins Zoya

and they all enjoy together.
Sakshi enters the party in dancer’s disguise. The plate she held slips off her hand. Anjana’s attention goes towards the veiled Sakhi but she abruptly covers her face. Zoya comes to her help and asks if she is fine. Aditya finds Zoya helping the lady, Zoya tells Aditya her hand hit her while dancing. Sakshi finds it the right chance to reveal her face to Aditya but Anjana calls Aditya. Zoya assures Aditya she will take care of her. Sakshi was about to remove her veil in front of Zoya but an organizer takes Zoya. Anjana sends Aditya to pay to drummers and leave her earrings into her room. Sakshi decides to follow Aditya to Anjana’s room.
Inside Anjana’s room, Sakshi comes to tell Aditya all the truth. Anjana appears from the room instead. She smirks and winks at Sakshi that she was also looking for her for long. She grabs Sakshi inside the room clutching her arm while she screams and resists the grip. Harsh was stepping upstairs. Anjana hits Sakshi’s head with a vase, Sakshi fells off. Harsh finds the room locked from inside and calls Anjana if she is in there? Anjana replies she is setting her saree and a vase spilled. Harsh thinks he could sense someone falling on floor. Inside, Anjana wish Harsh believed her. She then decides to take Sakshi into the bathroom and drags her there.
Downstairs in the party, Zoya hits Anjana who was furious and screams at her for not looking on.
Droplets of water from shower dripped over Sakshi’s head as she lay on the floor of washroom. Her mouth had been covered, hands tied still she struggles to walk to find the lights. She was determined to reveal Anjana’s truth even if she dies today.
Noor calls Shawn to help her open the gifts. Arjun joins to their assistance. Shawn was busy with the work. Arjun briefs Noor about Aditya and Zoya. Noor reminds Arjun about forgetting something. He appeared clueless. Noor tries to signal but irritated she exclaims kiss! Shawn at once asks kiss? Noor and Arjun deny speaking anything like this, Noor says she said she is Missing her appi and scolds Shawn to focus on work.
Akansha takes Zoya’s permission to do dinner. Zoya instructs her about missing arrangements of food and ice cream and tells her to complete the work first. Arshad joins Zoya and brings a plate of noodles, insisting to eat it. He observed that she eats noodles fondly. Zoya was reluctant but Arshad insists. Zoya grabs two forks and offers Arshad to eat with her. Arjun watches this and thinks they demanded a time of fifteen days, it’s the first day and they are eating from the same place. Aditya finds them together and thinks eating from a single plate is their thing. Arshad gets a call meanwhile and leaves the table. Aditya comes to Zoya and questions what’s this? Zoya blankly replies noodles! Aditya claims this is out thing! Zoya explains he brought it for her, she just shared it. Aditya goes into the room annoyed. Zoya follows.
Aditya tells Zoya she is giving wrong signal to Arshad. Would she change her mind after fifteen days? Zoya clarifies to Aditya she won’t married and she has already stated it clearly to everything; her consent won’t change. Zoya explains to Aditya that she was really hungry still is, and as soon as the event ends they will go and enjoy noodles together. Aditya recalls bringing a gift for Zoya.
Arshad looked for Zoya. Noor comes to him and introduces herself as Zoya’s younger sister. Arshad feels good to meet her, he will get a chance to know her as well. He looked around to find Zoya. Noor gives a thumbs up to Arjun behind. Noor asks Arshad where he belongs. Arshad replies he was born in Mumbai but brought up in London.
Aditya presents the gift box to Zoya. She unwraps it with excitement then stops at once recalling once when she got a pop up joker. Aditya assures there won’t be any joker this time. Inside, Zoya finds a show piece. Aditya exclaims ‘Aik main aur aik tum; dono mile iss tarah’. Zoya smiles this is a glance at their friendship, she will always keep it dear to herself. Aditya says not only friendship…. And decides to speak his heart to Zoya this time.

PRECAP: Aditya follows Arshad and Zoya and wonders why he brought Zoya to a lonely place like this. Zoya and Arshad were walking together when they hear a scream from behind the bushes. It was Sakshi trying to grab their attention. Anjana held Sakshi behind the trees and thinks she won’t spare Sakshi today.

Update Credit to: Sona


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