Ishqbaaz 17th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Om asks why don’t you think before doing anything, you forcibly married Anika in anger and now to rectify that mistake, you are divorcing Anika and getting her married to Nikhil. Shivaye says I m doing the thing which has Anika’s happiness. Gauri says your happiness doesn’t lie in Nikhil, I can see it, you started liking Shivaye, don’t take any wrong decision in haste. Anika says I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Gauri says then ask your heart, what’s it saying. Anika says nothing, maybe I m not able to listen to my heart, so I left everything on fate. Om says you left everything on fate, when did you start believing in fate, you always used to say that you make your own fate. Shivaye says its not about me, its about Anika, I want her to marry the one she loves. Its morning,

Shivaye checks arrangements. He asks Khanna why did you call these people, Anika is coming, decorations have to be ready, she will be here soon. Om says I didn’t find him so stressed during the Austrilian deal worth 1000 crores.

Priyanka says don’t know what will happen at the time of marriage. Shivaye asks why are you murmuring, we have a marriage function at home, help me, check the catering because… Om says Anika is coming. They laugh and go. Shivaye says yes, she is coming. He asks the man to check the lights. He goes to check. Anika walks in. He looks at her. Lights get on. O jaana….plays….. They have an eyelock. Priyanka says Anika has come and your face got illuminated, the lights got on. They smile. Gauri asks what are they doing. Om says don’t know, we will talk later because you will also be here until the marriage is over, right. Chachi comes and says we had to come by walk. Shivaye says your rooms are ready, you can go and rest. Chachi says let us help too, you are doing a lot. He says its fine, I spoke to Nikhil’s family, we decided mehendi function, go to your room, I will send some refreshments.

Priyanka welcomes guests. She asks Khanna why did mehendi artist not come till now. Khanna says they would be coming. Gauri sings and walks. She hits a plate held by the servant. Om holds her. The rose petals fall over them. They have an eyelock. Priyanka comes. Om says I was just helping Gauri, she was about to fall so I held her. Gauri goes. Priyanka says I have a cough, I wanted to ask something, are you sure that nothing is going on. He asks will you tease me when Rudra isn’t here. He says sorry, I will miss him a lot, when he was leaving for Paris for his modelling assignment, I said that there would be some peace and I m going to enjoy, but there is no fun. He says I m also missing that idiot. Chachi asks where is Gauri. Priyanka says Om will be knowing. Om asks how will I know, I m going to check security arrangements. He goes.

Anika comes for mehendi. Gauri gets shagun mehendi. Priyanka says I heard if mehendi color gets darker, it means husband’s love is deep, is this true. Shivaye looks at Anika. Nikhil and his parents come. Shivaye asks them to sit. He goes for work. Anika looks at him. The girl asks what name shall I write. A ladder is about to fall on Shivaye. Anika says Shivaye. Khanna holds the ladder. Shivaye turns to Anika. The girl says I have written your would be husband’s name, have a look. Nikhil asks Anika to show him. He sees Shivaye written and asks what’s this, Shivaye’s name. Everyone gets shocked. Anika asks why have you written this. The girl says sorry, I thought your would be husband’s name is Shivaye. Nikhil’s mum and Chachi react.

Om says relax, its a mistake. Priyanka says some mistakes are so beautiful, I mean she has written Shivaye’s name very nicely. Chachi asks Anika to go and wipe it off. Anika runs off. She tries to wipe it and says its not getting wiped off. Shivaye comes and asks May I. Tu jaane na….plays….. anika says you wanted to wipe your name from my hand, now your hands also got coloured with my mehendi, its destiny. Nikhil comes. She says sorry, name isn’t getting wiped off, I didn’t do this intentionally. He says I know, it was that mehendi artist’s mistake, come, everyone is waiting. She goes. Om comes to Shivaye and says do you know that you are the first man in this world who is getting his wife married to someone else. Shivaye says I have a lot of work. He goes. Nikhil’s mum gives shagun. She asks Anika about sindoor in her maang. Nikhil says sindoor is applied after marriage. She asks why is this sindoor there in your maang. Anika sees Shivaye. He signs her not to say.

Anika says sorry Nikhil, I should have told you before…. Shivaye keeps his hand near the diya. Priyanka shouts to him. Anika shouts Shivaye, what happened, what were you doing, were you lost, how did your palm get burn. He says I m fine. She says it must be paining. He sees Nikhil and takes his hand back. He says concentrate on rasam. She says your hand got burnt, its looking like you have done it deliberately. He asks what could I do then, it was imp to stop you. She says it means you did this intentionally. She gets away. Priyanka and Om care for him.

Anika goes. Shivaye comes to her and asks why were you going to say about our marriage. She says we can’t deny this truth. He says when this marriage doesn’t mean anything, why are you spoiling your life, did you think of Nikhil’s reaction, once you get married, you will be so busy and happy that you won’t think about me and our marriage, Nikhil’s mum is right, you shouldn’t apply sindoor before marriage, let me wipe it. She stops him and asks what are you doing, do you know the meaning of wiping off sindoor, you have already did a sin by breaking my mangalsutra, don’t do another one. He says when this marriage has no value, what’s the value of this sindoor. She says its my maang, my wish, my sindoor, we left everything on fate, why are you worried then. Whatever is destined to happen will definitely happen. She goes.

Nikhil shouts Anika, I want to talk to you. Chachi asks what happened now, where are you taking her. Gauri asks why are you angry. He says maybe this rasam isn’t needed now, Gauri don’t interfere between us. He takes Anika with him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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