Bepannah 20th August 2018 Episode Written Update

Aditya was about to tell Zoya that this gift isn’t only a token of their friendship but their relation…. Harsh interrupts Zoya and Aditya. Aditya explains he was thanking Zoya for a splendid Pooja. Harsh also thanks Zoya for the event. Zoya was thankful to Harsh for lending her an opportunity. Harsh points towards the return gifts, Zoya asks where she must get them placed, they were left because of last minute cancellations. Harsh says Anjana might tell this, but Zoya can place them at his room for now.
Noor had a chit chat with Arshad. Zoya comes to take her for help and asks what she was speaking to Arshad about. Noor says she asked him
Anjana speaks to her man on a phone call instructing him to take her as far away as possible for now. She thinks what if Harsh or Aditya goes to washroom

and turns to hurry in. There, Sakshi reached the lights of washroom and moves the blind to pour a shadow downstairs and get someone’s attention. Only Anjana notices the lights of washroom were switched on.
Waseem brings a suitcase to Roshana and claims it to be a treasure. It was a collection of jewellry he bought from ….. and lehnga from Aagra, and a shawl from Rajasthan. Roshana smiles that she understands Waseem collected precious dowry for his daughters since long. Waseem says he always wished to gift this all to Zoya and has another such suitcase ready for Noor as well, but Zoya married Yash. Today after years he is longing for Zoya’s wedding again, Arshad and Zoya makes a lovely couple. Roshana shares her reservations as Zoya is still not ready to marry Arshad. Waseem was sure she soon will, they have a good chemistry with each other.
Zoya and Noor come to Anjana’s room to place the gifts. Sakshi gets a chance and strike her head with the board to get their attention. Anjana comes there fuming over them, she drags Zoya downstairs
Arshad and Arjun come outside together. Arjun asks Arshad if he liked the party. Arshad claims their house to be beautiful. Arjun shares his father bought the house some two decades ago and Anjana did the interiors. Aditya comes there and
Anjana brings Zoya downstairs and insults her for getting into her bedroom. Harsh comes there. Zoya was annoyed, she tells Harsh she did what he asked her to, but he must at least take permissions from his wife next time. She and Noor walk outside. Zoya stops Arshad who was just leaving in the car. Arshad appears concerned as Zoya was tensed. Zoya requests Arshad to drop her home and gets into the car. Inside the house, Noor comes to Aditya and Arjun and warn them against Anjana’s behavior with Zoya. Aditya runs outside only to find Arshad’s car being driver outside the house.
Anjana reaches the washroom. Sakshi wasn’t there. She was tensed and hurries outside.
Arjun convince Aditya to follow his love. Anjana finds Sakshi in the trunk of car.
Arshad drives Zoya home. She notices Zoya was tensed and begins the talk by complementing Zoya as the best event organizer. He discuss about her unique ideas of involving everyone in the dancing. Zoya smiles sharing she got the inspirations from Indian weddings of her friends. Arshad shares that there are many Indian weddings even in London.
Noor instructs Shawn to wind up all the work while she turns to leave. Someone drags her from behind the car, frightening her. It was Arjun who held Noor’s hand closely and asks where she is going? Noor wipes the sweat beads from her forehead and claims she was terrified of being kidnapped. Arjun wish be kidnaps Noor for a lifetime. Arjun reminds Noor about a remaining task, his promise of kissing. Noor feels shy. Arjun asks what she called him, Phattu (coward)? Noor claims she called him Coffee-Lover. Arjun drags Noor closer. She blushes but soon spots Anjana appear on the other side of the car. Terrified, she drags Arjun down. Arjun mocks her to be a coward, but Noor claims his mother to be a sign of danger.
Zoya calls home to inform Waseem about being late. Waseem shows a complete trust over Arshad and tells Zoya to take her time, he doesn’t worry whenever Arshad is with Zoya. He later convinces Roshana that Arshad only got a time for two weeks, they must lend time to their children so that they better understand each other.
Aditya reach right behind Arshad’s car and wonder where he brought Zoya so late.

PRECAP: Zoya shares his suspicion of someone’s presence behind them. Arshad asks if Zoya wants a third person here as well. Aditya appears from behind. Later while Zoya was busy on call, Arshad requests Aditya to help him prove himself as the best person for Zoya.

Update Credit to: Sona


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