Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st August 2018 Episode Written Update

Mauli and Nandini return home. Mauli informs Kunal she is going to office and Nandini is leaving for market, he must do his breakfast. She leaves after kissing Kunal’s forehead. Nandini silently passes by Kunal.
In the apartment, Nandini forces herself to smile as she was being upset by memories of Rajdeep. She buckle herself up and clean the apartment.
Kunal was working in the clinic trying to keep himself distracted.
Nandini decorates her apartment aesthetically. She shows every corner of the house to Mauli on video call.
It was night, Mauli and Nandini sat together to select from color of curtain samples. Mauli chose rust while Nandini suggests white. Dida joins them and selects rust color. Mauli asks if they should lock it. Kunal was passing by when Mauli

stops him and asks about his consent. Kunal was reluctant and says Nandini must choose it. He looks inside the catalogue and selects white. Mauli says she knew already they will both select same color, they finalize white. Kunal leaves the hall.
Mauli was on a phone call and makes up that she wasn’t mentally prepared. She confirms she hasn’t eaten anything and they can schedule her for today. She turns to leave with her reports, Mamma comes in concerned with the name of surgery. Mauli says she wants to surprise Kunal, she was on family control and wants to remove the contraceptive. Now the clinic would also be ready in a month and she must plan for ahead. Mamma suggests her to take Nandini along but Mauli didn’t feel right to discuss with Nandini as she recently had a miscarriage. She asks Mamma to keep it a secret who poses as if they hadn’t talked with each other. Both laugh for a while. Mauli hits Kunal in the lounge, the file in her hand fell on the floor. She gulps hard.
Nandini returns home from market. Rajdeep also reach the same building and goes towards the same floor to Mr. Singhania’s apartment.
Mamma picks the file before Kunal could bend to get the papers. She claims to be her reports. Kunal was concerned which tests she had. Mamma tries to hide from Kunal while Mauli explains she had regular Pap smear and all. She will take care of them all. Kunal agrees not to interfere then.
Nandini gets into the car ahead of Rajdeep, he was left behind being busy on phone call. They couldn’t confront each other.
Nandini return home to workers cleaning the room and polishing her furniture. A man arrives from a security company to change the locks of the house. Nandini calls Mauli. Mauli says she just reached hospital but promises to arrange something. She calls Kunal and requests him to go to Nandini’s house. He tries to make up that he is busy but Mauli makes him up as they will even have to bargain from the security agency personnel. She promises Kunal a burger and even donuts in return. Kunal agrees to go.
Rajdeep’s friend brings him a drink and asks why he burnt those divorce papers? Rajdeep curtly replies it hurts him thinking someone as worthless as Nandini can divorce him, he had torn them out of rage. His friend says Nandini’s signatures on those papers and his jail record is enough to prove that he tortured Nandini. Rajdeep was furious and claims Nandini as his property, no judge and lawyer and rule over Rajdeep. She must return to him. He asks Singhania to do something for him and apologizes for going out of control.
Nandini notices that the worker had kept heavy boxes over the cupboard. She allows them to take off from their shifts with promise to complete it by tomorrow. Outside, Kunal speaks to Krishna about checking the locks, security camera and alarm installations and their control. Krishna promises to send him an estimate soon. Nandini stood behind the wall hearing him. Kunal explains Mauli couldn’t come because she was busy. He ordered them a change of all the locks. Nandini thanks Kunal.
Singhania tells Rajdeep to find justification for domestic violence case Nandini would file. They must make Nandini’s character as dubious and prove her ill-character.
Nandini tries to set some luggage boxes in the room. Kunal comes to her help. Their hands touch each other’s. Both were conscious and share an eye lock. The door behind them slams hard due to heavy wind outside, breaking their eye lock.
Rajdeep was happy with Singhania’s suggestion but he tells Singhania he already tried this. Nandini can be anything but ill character. He will think about some other way and bring Nandini back.
Kunal tries to open the door but the lock didn’t work. He pulls the handle which comes out instead. Kunal and Nandini look towards each other out of worry.
Outside, Rajdeep wonders how to prove Nandini as ill character?
Kunal and Nandini decide to shout for help. Both beat the door to get someone’s attention. Rajdeep notices this and walks towards Nandini’s apartment.

PRECAP: Dida, Mamma and Mauli were worried why Kunal and Nandini didn’t pick up the call and where they had been. Rajdeep walks inside Nandini’s apartment.

Update Credit to: Sona


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