Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd August 2018 Episode Written Update

Kunal and Nandini were trying with the door. Kunal says now someone must push the door from outside to open it. Kunal decides to call someone but realizes his phone was left outside. Nandini’s phone was also outside. They begin to slam the door of the room, calling someone to help.
Rajdeep was passing by the corridor and hears the sounds. He gets into the apartment.
Singhania stops Rajdeep from going inside the apartment, the outer way is on another side. Rajdeep points towards the sounds coming from apartment. Singhania says some new tenants are shifting here, there is always something going on here.
In the room, Nandini tries to call the watchman from the window. No one responds. Nandini was tensed about how long they can stay here. Kunal was sure Mauli would come

straight here from hospital. Nandini makes another attempt to call the watchman. She turns to find Kunal smiling and complains how he can even smile at such a tensed time. Kunal apologizes recalling a past event, and insists on Nandini to hear the incident as well. He narrates that he was in the hostel and went to balcony, the door was shut and automatically locked. There was no one in the hostel, even the watchmen left. He kept on standing over a single foot the whole day as the sun was high. He regretted bunking his class. And as soon as the class was over, a group of girls came right under the balcony. The worst part was, he only wore an underwear then. Nandini looks on for a while then breaks into laughter. Kunal says he turned into a piece of joke by everyone. Nandini continue to laugh but Kunal gets serious at once.
Mauli comes after changing the dress. Mamma reach the hospital saying no matter the surgery is minor or major she should be here. Mauli confirms if she is doing the right thing by hiding the matter from Kunal? It must be a decision of them both. Mamma assures Mauli that there is nothing wrong if she wants to give two good news to Kunal together.
Nandini asks Kunal what happened. Kunal looks behind and points towards a lizard that crawled towards them. She notices Kunal’s voice shivered and he moved backward climbing the bed post to save himself. Nandini enjoys the site, then throws the lizard outside the window. Kunal thanks Nandini. Nandini says she must thank Kunal, she got a chance now. Her life had been torn but they strengthened her. Kunal says Nandini is going to start a new life, he only wish her to remain happy and independent. They look into each other’s eyes for some time.
Mauli was ready for surgery in the OT.
Kunal and Nandini sat in the room still locked. They sat on the floor away from each other, waiting for someone to arrive. Nandini was tensed that Mauli still didn’t come till it was so late. Kunal understands she was claustrophobic. Both look into the drawers to find some light. Kunal finds candles and a lighter in a drawer. Nandini smiles as he lights it.
Mauli return home. Mamma was happy and excited to hear some good news from them. Mauli asks about Kunal. Dida says no one is home today, even Pramilla didn’t come. Mamma says Kunal and Nandini aren’t irresponsible, where they are left.
Kunal walks towards Nandini while they look into each other’s eyes under the lit candle’s flame.
Mauli recalls sending Kunal to Nandini’s house. She thinks about calling Kunal but no one replies. Kunal and Nandini hear the phone bell ring outside the room. Nandini turns her face away from Kunal.
Mauli decides to go and check why they aren’t picking up the call. Mamma offers to come with her but Mauli insists upon going alone.
Kunal asks Nandini why she began to panic. Nandini insists upon going out of the room. Kunal slams the door again, calling watchman or anyone for help. The candle on the table fell over Nandini’s dress which catches huge fire. Nandini was terrified and shouts Kunal for help. Kunal

PRECAP: Kunal hugs Nandini tightly. Mauli reaches Nandini’s apartment and unlocks the door. She enters the room and was taken aback watching them in an intent hug.

Update Credit to: Sona


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