Bepannah 23rd August 2018 Episode Written Update

Aditya and Zoya look around for her earring. Anjana wonders why the phone had to fell right under Zoya’s feet. Aditya spots and picks the earrings, Zoya wasn’t attentive. Aditya hides the earring, he blames Arshad to have stolen the earring. One isn’t necessarily what he appears. Zoya asks if he claims Arshad is a thief? Aditya advices Zoya that she learnt through hard times that not everyone is worth trust, she must not trust anyone so easily now. Anjana wonders what so intense that they are discussing? What if Sanjana was right? Zoya was now worried that it’s already very late, and her parents must be worried. Aditya complains she didn’t have such guilts when with Arshad. Zoya forbids him compare himself to Arshad. Aditya asks Zoya to eat Qeema pao with him outside Bandra. Zoya hurries him

to look for her earring first. Zoya slips and was about to fell off, Aditya holds her into his arms. Soon she spots her earring clutched in his hand and asks since when he had kept it? Aditya says he wanted them to eat something together before he returned it. They had just turned to leave when Zoya finds the cell phone. Aditya snatches the phone from her claiming to be really hungry and keeps it into his coat’s pocket. Anjana was terrified as her conversation with doctor was recorded in the phone, what if Aditya recognizes the phone and turns it on.
The next morning, Noor finds Roshana in the kitchen. Roshana says Zoya hasn’t yet returned home. Noor asks why so late? Roshana says Arshad called last night and told Waseem they are late, but they haven’t returned since then. She was angry over Waseem for granting them permission, while complains that her daughters have no time except work or entertainment. Waseem returns home and finds Roshana angry. He assures Roshana that Arshad is a sensible man and will take care of Zoya. Noor wonders what magic Arshad did over Waseem. She decides to do something.
Arjun stood in the hall worried for Aditya and Anjana. He decides to file a complaint in police. He gets a call from Noor but doesn’t pick it up. Waseem asks Noor to get ready, they will go to Dargah and later to shopping. Noor was shocked to hear about shopping. Roshana says Waseem has invited a few guests home and will cook kheer. Noor was excited about the kheer but tells Roshana to go with Waseem. Zoya had forgotten the keys of house.
Aditya brings Zoya to the Qeema Pao stall. He boasts that he also know some good spots like Arshad. Zoya says she likes this one more, want to know why? Aditya instead replies that it’s because he brought her there.
Harsh was worried about Anjana who didn’t return since last night. Anjana comes. Harsh questions where she had been, what kind of a reply was it ‘she wants to clear her head and some fresh air’. He at once notices bruises over Anjana’s arm. She looked terrified and hugs Harsh crying. Harsh was worried. Anjana asks Harsh for a promise that her sons won’t go away from her. Harsh assures no one can snatch his sons from her, it won’t happen until he is alive. He sends Arjun to bring first aid and sits with Anjana asking how it all happened. Anjana was crying and says she felt really restless, she went to sea side for a walk and fell from slippery stones there. She was tensed that Aditya had Sakshi’s phone, what if she loses her son once again.
Roshana and Waseem were going in the car, Roshana tensed for Zoya. Waseem forbids her disturb Zoya as she is with Arshad. He then stops the car with a jerk watching Zoya and Aditya together. They come down the car. Waseem questions Zoya about Arshad. Zoya explains she was with Arshad but he had an emergency and had to go to hospital, Aditya was there and about to drop her. Waseem looks skeptically towards Qeema Pao. Zoya says she even got one packed for him as its his favorite. Roshana tells Zoya about a lunch tomorrow and Waseem would cook kheer. Zoya was excited that Waseem will cook kheer after long. She invites Aditya and Arjun as well though Waseem gets offensive. Aditya turns to leave.
Noor opens the door and complains Arjun for arriving so late. Arjun looked tensed. Noor drags Arjun inside to avoid gossiping of neighbors. She asks about Anjana and takes him into her room. Arjun lay his head over Noor’s lap. She inquired him about Anjana and her matters. Arjun offers to discuss about Arshad right now. Noor was also furious over Arshad. They soon hear Waseem calling Noor. Arjun asks if these were her parent’s long hour plans. Both were terrified. Later, Waseem enters the room and finds Noor standing over a few mattress, she explains she was doing a new kind of exercise. It was Arjun under the blanket. Waseem tells Noor to hurry outside, they are going for shopping together. He also minds Noor to make perfect arrangements for tomorrow’s dinner, Arshad’s family is coming over. After Waseem had left, Noor removes the blanket apologetic and goes to get balm.
Aditya comes to his room and was plugging Sakshi’s cell phone in the charger. Arjun comes to ask why there is a tooth paste ad kind of smile over his face. Aditya says even Arjun would get the same smile hearing they have a lunch at Zoya’s place tomorrow. He shares with Arjun that Arshad’s character is dubious, he is too good to be true and none can always be so calm and peaceful. They were just discussing it when Anjana comes to the room with aarti plate. She looks around and finds Sakshi’s cell phone on side table. The boys sense she was looking for something. Anjana denies saying she lost her cell phone charger. Arjun takes her along saying it’s with him. Aditya picks Sakshi’s cell phone but his own phone begins to ring, he stuffs Sakshi’s phone in a bag. Zoya gives him a call expecting to see him tomorrow.

PRECAP: Aditya boasts about being a good cook. Arshad comes there boasting about a cook biryani cook. Waseem announces a competition and appoints Zoya as the judge.
Update Credit to: Sona

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