Kaleerein SBD : Vivaan Accused of Rape

Meera gives her approval for Sunny’s alliance. Amar wants Meera and Sunny to get married. When Meera agrees for it, Vivaan gets angry. Meera and Sunny are planning to swap the groom so that Meera can marry Vivaan. Meera and Vivaan’s romance will be seen amidst the confusion. Vivaan will understand Meera’s perception. Meera spends romantic time with Vivaan. When Meera leaves, Silky takes her place and shocks Vivaan. He can’t believe that Silky was with him all the while. Silky tries to put up a suicide drama. She tells everyone that Vivaan is denying her love now. Silky plans to trap Vivaan. Meera knows the truth and understands that Silky is lying.

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