Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying start the new day, you need to move on if you want to be happy, I m preparing breakfast for you, get ready and come downstairs. Kartik nods. She goes. Naksh says I think of making Naira’s fav food, but then I think how will food solve her life’s problems, I m confused. Kirti says Naira would be more confused. He asks whom do you discuss now. She says no one, else her sorrow will increase, we should just leave her alone, I m upset with both of them, I love them equally. Naksh says you will have to hide your anger for a while, we need to tell family not to tell anything to Naira so that she can move on. Kirti says I don’t think they can move on, I have a strong feeling, I m admitting what I feel. Naksh hugs her and says sorry, I wish this was

true, but it wasn’t, we will fix everything. She says we need to understand what’s right, who will explain us. He says time will tell us.

Dadi gives jewelry boxes to keep. Suwarna says I will send it to Naira. Dadi says it was unused till now. Suwarna asks servant to take the things. Dadi says you go and give it, else they can feel bad, lets forget whose mistake was it, divorce is done now. Suwarna says I don’t want any fight, I will send Surekha, Kartik doesn’t have anything now, he has removed everything before. The servants take the box. It falls down. Kartik sees all the things. He recalls Naira and looks on. Manish says we want to stay in peace now. Naira sees her ghungroos and recalls Kartik’s words. She says where are the doctor’s prescriptions, Kartik told me that its imp to take the papers during follow up, shall I ask Kartik, I can’t handle anything.
Suwarna says keep imp things in car, and remaining junk in the trunk. Kartik sees Suwarna giving away the collage. He says gift and recalls. The man puts it in the truck. Suwarna goes. Kartik sees the truck leaving and runs after it. Naira gets the papers. She gets hurt. Kartik gets inside the truck and gets the collage. Naira says Kartik even told me….. Naksh looks on. Kartik hugs the collage. Naira says why am I recalling Kartik’s words. Kartik says sorry and leaves. He says what’s wrong with me, what am I doing, why am I feeling bad.
Devyaani asks are you fine Rajshri. Rajshri says I can’t lie in the temple, forget about me, are you okay. Devyaani says I m going through the same situation, do you really think we made a mistake and didn’t try enough to explain Kartik and Naira. Rajshri says no, it doesn’t imply that parents are wrong if they lose in explaining children, sorry for whatever I said, I m not upset with anyone, I m upset with them. Rukmani comes and says come fast, Naira…..
Everyone sees Surekha getting Naira’s belongings and bags. Surekha says sorry, Naira’s stuff….. we thought if they have got separated, its better that Naira uses her stuff. Devyaani calls Suwarna and says put your phone on speaker, I want to say this to everyone. Suwarna asks her to say. Devyaani says you all were waiting for court decision and Naira’s divorce, someone would have made mannat as well. Dadi says we didn’t want this to happen.
Devyaani says you think this stuff is imp than Naira’s happiness, you could have waited for wounds to heal. Dadi says stuff had to be sent after some days, I also felt bad, when children decided to end relation, what to do with this stuff, you are forgetting that Naira spoke about divorce first. Suwarna recalls Naira’s words. Devyaani says if Suwarna…. Suwarna says stop it, don’t dragging me in these matters, I m done with it. The call disconnects. Suwarna says she didn’t listen to me, this is not done. Devyaani puts her phone on charging. She says tell Suwarna that there is nothing to talk now. Naira says its good that they returned it, thanks Surekha. Devyaani says what’s the urgency, keep Kartik away, we won’t have any relation with him. Surekha looks on. Kartik comes home and keeps the collage in his car trunk. Naira sees her bridal dress. Naksh comes. He says don’t act in front of me, everyone advised you, I didn’t say anything, I kept on supporting you, if you are not happy, then this doesn’t matter, you will be saddened if you stay connected, get separated by heart, not just by papers, be brave Naira.
Doctor says its a minor surgery, then you can do anything, even dance. Naira bumps into Kartik and falls over him.
Update Credit to: Amena

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