Bepannah 24th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Aditya smiles watching Zoya’s photo while he lay in his bed. He speaks to the photo that soon Zoya will also realize she can’t live without him. Arjun come there and teases him to be doing romance since now, he must save some for later as well. Aditya says even Arshad would be there showing his innocence tomorrow. They decide a mission for tomorrow, Adi-Arshad out. Aditya shares an idea that they will call Arshad for an emergency case in his hospital, Arshad would surely leave in a hurry. Then he will have to win Zoya’s father’s heart along with her. Arjun says Zoya’s father already hates him. Aditya was ready to accept that love isn’t easy. Aditya then offers Arjun to go and have some ice cream. On the radio, a news about an accident and blockade of roads play.
The next morning, Roshana

was decorating the house. Waseem comes cheerfully and pulls Roshana into dancing. Zoya and Noor step downstairs impressed by their parent’s romance. Noor complements Waseem to be still young, while Zoya pulls Roshana’s blushing cheeks. Waseem says he has a license for such romance. Roshana says she is missing Missouri now, they used to play Antakshari every weekend. Waseem was also nostalgic. He says he has invited Arshad and his family for lunch only because their relations must not be of in-laws, but of friends.
After the doorbell rings, Noor opens the door for Arshad and family. Everyone greet Arshad and his parents. Arshad comes to Zoya. Arshad’s mother complements their house look beautiful and Roshana look Zoya and Noor’s sister. Arshad whispers he disagree. Zoya asks if their house isnt looking beautiful, or her mother isn’t young. Arshad whispers that nothing is beautiful than Zoya here. All at once the door opens, Aditya and Arjun arrive for dinner. Aditya says ‘Hum Aye Unke Ghar Khuda Ki Qudrat Hai; Kabhi Hum Unke Ghar Ko Dekhte Hain Kabhi Unhe’ (We came to their house as God’s miracle; mesmerized we sometimes look towards their house and sometimes towards them). He greets Waseem with Assalam o Alaikum. Arshad comments he just said the same to Zoya, Aditya just made his words meaningful. Waseem says Ghalib was his favorite poet, Aditya says Zoya’s as well. He presents a gift to Waseem but he doesn’t accept it and instead tells Zoya to take this present as an alm to orphanage in the evening. After Waseem has gone inside with the guests, Arshad presents a gift to Zoya. Arjun warns Aditya of tough times ahead but Aditya was determined. Roshana comes to invite Aditya inside. Noor was annoyed with Arjun for coming in such a casual dress though aware he had to impress her parents.
Anjana comes to Aditya’s room to find the phone. She had severe head ache and was worried what if Aditya finds the phone. She was about to check the laptop bag but Harsh calls her getting late for airport.
Zoya gets a call from NGO and assures to be there in the evening. Aditya comes to Zoya and says he brought scented candles for her, what would the NGO people do with them? Zoya replies everyone needs light and fragrance in life, then smiles assuring she won’t give away his gift. Aditya says all his attempts fail in front of Waseem. Zoya reminds what Aditya once told her about Anjana, Anjana is only her client, not her mother in law! Same logic applies with Waseem, he is his friend’s father, not his father in law; so no need to impress him! Zoya goes to help Roshana. Arshad comes to help Aditya, he sends Arshad to drop the gifts to the room.
Aditya comes to the kitchen and helps the ladies in chopping vegetables. Roshana was worried that Waseem might fume watching Aditya in the kitchen. She tries to send Aditya outside but Aditya says his hard work will pay off surely. Roshana inquires what he wants in return. He replies he wants a companion to hold his hand for lifetime, in short a life partner like Waseem found for himself. Roshana asks what he means. Aditya says she must really be someone as patient and lovely as Roshana. Roshana assures he will get a better one than her. Aditya says he will do with her reflection as well. Zoya comes to interrupt and stop Aditya Hooda! Please stop flirting with her mother. Aditya says it was appreciation. Zoya suggests about calling Waseem. Aditya replies he is her father not any mafia don that he might be scared. Waseem comes inquiring what it is about, and why are they discussing about fears. Aditya explains he is afraid of eating bad food. Waseem says he will cook himself today. Aditya replies it wasn’t about him at all, and boasts that even he cooks well. Waseem challenges Aditya to cook biryani today. Arjun was shocked to hear, Waseem says Aditya must have tasted biryani quite many times. Arshad joins the discussion and boasts about a good cook of biryani, he offers his help. Waseem suggests they should both cook biryani, they offer a good competition between Adi and Arshad. Aditya winks at Zoya.
Noor comes to the room looking for her phone. She hears someone was in the washroom, she calls Zoya inside and asks for a promise to let Aditya win. Arshad appears from inside and apologizes for using her room. Noor says there was a wash basin in the kitchen as well. Arshad replies there wasn’t a hand sanitizer down there, Zoya asked him to go upstairs into her room. He then offers Noor help finding her cell phone and spots it before Noor. He then asks Noor for some help. Noor says Zoya likes spicy hot biryani. She was annoyed and minds it was a cheating then wish him luck before leaving. Arshad says it seems Noor is a tougher target than Zoya.
During the competition, Arshad notices Aditya had teary eyes. He gives Aditya a tip to chew bubble, it won’t bring in tears. Aditya claims hard work brings sweat and tears both but pays off well.
Waseem and guests come for inspection. Waseem was hopeless about Aditya and jokes that guests might leave for home before he can cook biryani.

PRECAP: Aditya sings sadly, Tere Dil Ko Mere Dil Ki Zarurat Hai while Zoya and Arshad dance with each other.
Update Credit to: Sona

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