Naagin 3 25th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Bela walks into washroom. Vish enters via window disguised in Bela’s clothes. Bela asks if she was following them. Vish says Bela will not kill Mahir, so she came to kill him. Bela warns to dare not to think of harming Maahir. Vishu handcuffs Bela and locks her hand to towel ring and walks out disguised as Bela. Bela tries to free herself and asks Vish to free her. Vish says she will not until she fulfills her friendship with Vikraanth and revenge from Maahir and walks away. She joins party where RJ announces dance and dances with a girl. He invites Maahir and Bela/Vish for a dance. Bela/Vish extends her hand towards Mahir. Maahir asks if she is sure. She says yes and dances with him on Aye Dil hai mushhil…song. Mahir’s friend goes and insists engagement couple for

a dance and informs Kuhu that RJ is flirting with a girl. Kuhu angrily walks to girl and throws champagne on girl and warns that RJ is her husband. Girl yells at Kuhu and walks towards washroom. Vish thinks this is best time to take Maahir away and says she is feeling uneasy and if they can go out on a drive. He agrees and walks out with her. Bela thinks Vish cannot harm Mahir and only she should. She turns into half nagin and with nagin power frees herself breaking mirror. She then runs to party venue and asks Kuhu where is Mahir. Kuhu says he went out just now with her, she should be knowing where he is. Bela runs out and sees Mahir and Vish leaving in a car, thinks she will not let Vish succeed in her evil plan and follows them. Mahir asks Bela/Vish if she is fine now. She says yes. Mahir sees a woman standing in front and stops car, asks who is she. Woman comes in front, and Mahir is shocked to see Bela. Bela says she is real Bela. Vishu asks not to believe her, she is real Bela.

Inspector calls Andy and informs they found a dead body and doubts it is Vikram’s. Andy says he just sometime ago spoke to Vikram and he is in hill station and warns not to disturb him. Inspector thinks how can Vikram call Andy, anything can happen in that mad family.
Bela tells Mahir that she is Bela and asks him to come out. Vish says she is real Bela and not to open door, she is with him since long. Bela insists to open dor. Vish speaks rudely. Mahir notices and walks out of car. Bela asks if he realized she is real. Vish comes out and says she is real as she is wearing real diamond jewelry and not imposter. Bela says her jewelry is fake, but she is real Bela. Mahir shouts to shut up and tells Vish that she is not Bela as she spoke rudely and tried to show her right on him, which Belaa never does. Vishaka stand shocked. Bela with teary eyes tells Mahir he identified her at last and hugs him. Vish angrily tries to bite Mahir as snake, but Bela strangulates her neck and warns to leave. Vish runs away. Mahir runs behind he. Bela tries to stop him. Bela then catches Vish and asks how dare she is to try to harm Mahir. Vish asks how dare she is to try to harm her friend for Mahir. Their argument starts. Bela reminds she is her nagrani and orders to leave. While running, Vish’s mask falls in shrubs. Mahir picks mask.
Mahir with Bela returns home and asks why did she run behind imposter, what if she was harmed. Bela says she is fine. He says he is worried about her baby and he has to protect her till Yuvi returns. Bela says she is not pregnant. He says what about doc’s report. He says it is fake and does home pregnancy test and proves she is not pregnant. He says doc was Anu’s friend, that means Anu lied, why? Bela says Anu loves him and he maybe also loving Anu. He says he is not and asks if she loves Yuvi. She says no and does not want divorce from him. He asks why. She says she wants to give their relationship some time. He says she has to take a step ahead now. She asks him to sleep on bed while he sleeps sofa as usual. She says he gave her charge, so they will sleep in turn on bed, it is his turn today. Vikranth enters earth and looking at Bela’s photo says he will meet his nagrani soon. Andy opens door apologizing and informs Mahir that they got a new investor Shaan now their problems will be solved, Shaan is coming tomorrow to meet them, he wants Mahir to be ready by 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. Once he leaves, Bela asks Mahir to change his clothes and sleep on bed.
Next morning, Andy joins family for breakfast. Shekhar enters. Sumitra greets him and invites for breakfast. He says he will have only tea and thanks Andy for his support. Andy asks to be strong. Shekhar says he did not know his wife would leave him so early. Sumitra says he has to be strong for his children. She tells Andy that Mahir and Bela want to go on a trip. Andy says already expenses are high. Mahir says he is not going and wants to work. RJ, Kuhu and others plan for a party at haveli and ask Mahir if he is coming. Mahir says he will not go with jokers unless she accompanies. She agrees. Andy praises about Shaan and says shaan has lots of money and is very rich, he just needs Shaan’s money. Anu walks in. Paulomi loudly says Bela is not pregnant. Anu says whatever and asks who all is attending party. Sumitra asks how does she know. She says they all updated status on social media. Paulomi’s jokes continue. Anu informs her boyfriend has come and praises him. Driver enters with bags. She thinks its her boyfriend and asks if he is dashing. Paulomi tells Shekhar she thought his daughter has problem with teeth, but she has problem with eyes. Anu turns and asks who is he.. Her boyfriend enters saying his driver. Everyone look at him..
Precap: Vikranth informs Bela that he did not die but was just unconscious, she mistook and did a big mistake. Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumaar Rao promote their new film. RJ and others misbehave with Shraddha.
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