Nazar 27th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
Ruby climbs on trees in jungle and looks around, she sees Ansh and Piya walking and smirks.
Piya is walking in jungle with Ansh. She sees Ansh going towards a hunter’s trap, she shouts Ansh, she sees danger mark on tree and runs to Ansh, she puts hand on his shoulder. Ansh’s eyes blaze and he screams to not touch him, he throws her away, Piya’s arm gets wounded. Ansh starts going towards danger tree. Piya sees a thread tied on trees. Ansh is about to cross them. Piya screams Ansh! she runs to him, she takes out knife from her leg holder and throws it towards thread, thread cuts and anchor falls from tree, Ansh moves away and looks on.
Ruby sees a hunter with archery kit, she goes infront of him and makes him dizzy.
Piya says to Ansh that I kept telling you

will die but you dont listen, why did you ask me to not touch you? I am not interested in touching you, who do you think you are? Ansh says who are you? and how you know about knife fighting? Piya gets tensed and says I got knife and threw it towards thread, my mother gave me this knife. She said that it will keep protected and this locket. She sees her locket missing and says you must have stolen it. Ansh says are you mad? why would I take it? Ansh puts hand in his pocket and finds her locket, he hides it. Ansh hears some noise and turns to see a hunter pointing arrow towards them. Piya is stunned. Ansh looks on. Hunter throws arrow at them but Piya comes infront of Ansh gets stabbed by it, she falls down. Ansh is shocked. He runs towards hunter, hunter points another arrow at him, Ansh sees more hunters there and they surround him, they all stab him with many arrows, Ansh stumbles but his eyes light up and he fights them all. He takes off all arrows.

Saavi says to Sushant that its our duty to save people from witches and their kids, Piya doesnt know that she is in danger, she is not safe, we have to save her, she takes her hunting kit. Sushant says how you know she is not safe with Ansh? Saavi says how you know she is safe with him?
Scene 2
Ansh looks around in jungle at night and shouts for Piya, he thinks where is she? He sees a firefly and thinks that it might be telling me something, he follows fireflies and sees Piya lying on a rock. He comes to her and recalls how she took arrow on herself, he thinks that she took my arrow on her, he sees her arm bruised when he pushed her away, he sits down near her and tries to touch her but recalls how it burns to touch her.
Saavi and Sushant comes in jungle, they see many hunters died there. Saavit says first Preeti, then Bobby, then these people, how many proofs do you need against Ansh? Sushant says we have to find him before he hurts Piya, Saavi says we might be late.
PRECAP- Mehdeshwi says to family that moon eclipse is coming near but this time, I wont let it hurt my family.
Mohana says to Ruby that its time to act, 22 years back was eclipse and tonight is eclipse night too, past will repeat itself. She gives powers to Ruby.
Ansh is driving on a road, Ruby creates witch circle there to trap him.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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