Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 27th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Tauji tells Chachaji that he had decided to break relation with him, but he still came to his home for their family. He tells Chachaji that their father used to say stubbornness mean differences in the house which is not good. Taiji says Sharad’s family is still interested. He’s very good guy and they won’t be able to find anyone better. Tauji says what will they do if Naina brings someone tomorrow like Arjun? Chachaji recalls reading Sameer’s love letter. Chachi says their girls are not like that. Tauji and Taiji leave decision on Chachaji. Chachaji says, it’s yes from him. Chachi tells him to ask Naina first. He says there is no need to ask Naina. Taiji says she will call Sharad’s family then. After Tauji, Taiji leave, Chachi asks Chachaji, until yesterday

he was against this marriage and today suddenly he agreed? He says it’s not sudden, he thought about it. He’s doing what he feels is right.

Kartik and his friend are putting posters on wall for Sunaina. JBR comes there. They say they are doing for girl power. JBR questions them. Munna and Pandit come there. Kartik makes their fun. Munna, Pandit reply back. JBR says if they want to fight, then there’s best place for it. Principal’s office. They all leave from there.
Naina is walking sadly with her friends. Someone informs her that every candidate needs to give speech and it’s in 10 minutes. Naina’s friends tell her to give powerful speech. Naina says she doesn’t want to take part in election. Her friends say Kartik and Sunaina will make their fun. Naina says she doesn’t care. Kartik comes and adds more fuel in fire. Kartik says because of that Sameer, Sunaina has stopped coming to college. But she will definitely take part in election and win it as well. After Kartik leaves, Preeti gets furious and says she will take part in election. Kamya says she didn’t get enough marks required to take part. Naina says Swati can take part. Swati agrees.
Girls are giving speech. Swati is called next. Sameer and his friends are surprised. Kartik and his friends laugh. As Swati gives her speech, Sameer and Naina look at each other. JBR likes Swati’s speech. Sunaina is called next. Kartik comes instead of her. He says Sunaina is sick, so she couldn’t come. He gives speech on her behalf. Sameer and Naina continue looking at each other. Naina walks out.
Chachi is still upset with Chachaji. Taiji and Rakesh say when he decided something, he must have thought about it. Chachi asks him to think again. Person who can raise hand at him.. how long it will take for him to raise his hand at his wife? Rakesh and Taiji interrupt. Chachaji leaves from there.
Sharad comes to Naina’s college with flowers for her. She refuses to talk to him. He says he wants to give her good news. Shall they go to a restaurant? She asks he’s leaving or should she call a guard? Sharad gets mad and feels insulted as other students are looking at them. He asks whether that’s what her family has taught her… is this the way to talk to her fiance? She reminds him that they broke their rishta. He says he’s come to inform her that everything is solved. Her Chachaji agreed for their marriage. She says marriage is too far.. she wouldn’t even see his face. He says she will see his face every day. She says she doesn’t want to argue with him and starts leaving from there, but he grabs her hand and asks what ego she has? Her fiance came to give her good news and she’s behaving so rudely. She asks him to leave her. He demands an apology. She refuses and pulls her hand back. He slaps her and asks her to apologize. She doesn’t say anything. He raises his hand again. This time, Sameer blocks him and starts beating him up. Swati asks Kamya to call Preeti fast. Kartik and his friend run to principal’s office and inform principal and JBR about the fight.
Naina is trying to stop Sameer. He says how dare he raise hand at her. Sharad punches Sameer. Sameer again starts beating him. Principal and JBR come and ask everyone to stop them. Sameer warns Sharad if he raises hand at a girl again, then he won’t spare him.
Female narrator says that day she had become a joke in front of entire college. Everything was strange that day. Sharad coming to her college, Sameer beating him up, Chachaji agreeing for marriage. After that she didn’t know what was going to happen in her life.
Precap: Chachaji scolds Sameer for beating Sharad like that. He says Rakesh was right that Sameer is a spoiled-brat, a goon.
Update Credit to: Simmy

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