Bepananh 28th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Wasim looks pointedly at Aditya as soon as he steps out of a room. Wasim praises Zoya’s decision. This time I wont let her heart break by taking any wrong decision. Come. Aditya looks on. Atleast we are at the same place for a change. I promise you I wont let Zoya’s heart break even if you fail to save it.
Noor asks her Appi where she is off to. Zoya tells her she is going to distribute Biryani. Noor offers to do it but Zoya instead tells her to break the ice between Arjun and their parents. She leaves with Arshad.
Arjun is speaking to his mom. Aditya asks Noor about Zoya. Noor tells them that she left for Bharat Nagar to distribute Biryani. Arjun shares that Mom just called to avoid that area. Riots have started there. Aditya says it will be showing on the news then.

car is stopped at a check post. Zoya decides to walk the rest of the way as Bharat Nagar is nearby. He tells her to take care and keeps looking at her as she walks away. He drives away.

Wasim asks Noor why she has switched on tv at this hour. They are shocked to see the news about the riots. Wasim reaches out for his phone. Aditya thinks Zoya and Arshad are unsafe because of his one call. How could I do this!
Roshana asks Wasim to call Zoya but her number is unreachable. He tries Arshad’s number too but in vain. He calls police.
Aditya blames himself. Arjun tells him he dint know about it but Aditya keeps blaming himself. Arjun tells him to think what they will do next. Aditya agrees. I risked their lives by sending them there and now I only will bring them back. He tells Wasim he must not go there. Wasim points out that Zoya is in trouble. I don’t want to hear you. Aditya asks him to come along. Wasim refuses to seek his help but Aditya firmly tells him to decide. You will have to either go with me if you want to find Zoya or you can stay here! Roshana tells Wasim not to argue at this hour. take Aditya’s help. It is important that Zoya and Arshad return home safely. Aditya and Wasim leave. Arjun goes to check at hospital. Noor comforts both the mothers.
Anjana is pacing in her home. Servant tells her someone has come to meet her. She is shocked to see the doctor. Are you mad? What if someone saw you? Doc tells her that her secret was about to come out in open today. What if I had
She knows he wants more money. I have done enough bad deeds already. Now I only want to do good deeds. I remember that your daughter is really brilliant. She is good in studies and sports too. She shows him his daughter’s photo. She is a class 3 student. Think what if she disappears like Sakshi while going home? Doc folds his hands. I am really very sorry. Please don’t do anything to her. I will do as you say. She tells him his daughter will be safe. Just don’t do anything that can make me angry. He keeps looking at her in shock as she calls out to the servant to bring juice.
Zoya is startled as the streets are completely quiet. Javed Bhai said he will meet me here. She tries his number but it is unreachable. She suddenly hears some noise and notices lot many guys gathering there with some sticks. Someone pulls her inside a shop just in time. The guys rush to another side. Zoya heaves a sigh of relief. It is Javed Bhai. She notices few other people sitting there too. They look scared. Zoya asks Javed what’s happening. Javed shares that rioters are fighting over religion for the first time in our area. This has never happened before. The ladies also tell their stories to Zoya. Zoya gives food to them. She fails in contacting her Abbu. Seems like police has jammed all the networks.
Arshad has summoned the staff and demands to know who called him. Arshad calls back at that number and Aditya’s phone starts ringing in the car. He disconnects it. Wasim looks on. Arshad decides to find out who it is.
Wasim asks Aditya why he dint pick the call. Aditya replies that it is important to find Zoya right now. I know you don’t like / trust me but I assure you I will not sit peacefully till I bring Zoya back safely. This isn’t just a promise to you but to myself too!
Nurses / ward boys wheel in some injured people. Arshad asks them about it. Nurse shares that riots are going on in the city. He tells her to alert every doc. One lady requests Arshad to save her son. Another nurse tells him that all this is happening in Bharat Nagar. He gets alert.
Aditya and Wasim reach the check point too. Police does not let them go past it. Aditya suggests Wasim to call Arshad. We can ask him where he dropped Zoya. Wasim tells him that her number isn’t reachable. They try to tell it to police when a stone hits Wasim on his head. Aditya holds him.
Zoya tries her Abbu’s number again.
Aditya promises Wasim he will bring Zoya back safely.
Zoya and those hiding inside the garage look at the situation outside.
Arjun reaches there too. Aditya sends Wasim home with him.
The kids are crying. Zoya pacifies them and suggests them to consider as hide and seek. We aren’t afraid. Just think it to be some game. We will win in the end. Javed’s wife cries. Thankfully we are together. Zoya asks him about the woman. He tells her that she is his wife Sunita. This dint happen even during the time of partition. We have danced, played together and have been together through thick and thin. Can’t believe it is the same Bharat Nagar!
Rioters hit at the garage’s gate.
Precap: Rioters threaten to kill everyone inside the garage. Zoya stands in front of everyone as a shield. She says something in Urdu and one of the guys ask her if she is a Muslim. She nods. I wont mind it if I lose my life in saving these people today!
Update Credit to: Pooja

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