Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 28th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Sameer and Naina are in principal’s office. Principal and JBR scold Sameer and say he could talk politely and call guard. Sameer says a guy was raising his hand at a girl and they expect him to talk nicely and request him not to do it? Principal says there are rules in this college. If he doesn’t follow them, then she will have to rusticate him. Sameer says he doesn’t care. If any guy is raising hand at Naina… He then gets quiet. Principal and JBR look at each other. Principal asks him why he got so mad? Because guy raised at a girl or because that girl was Naina? She says she knows very well what’s going on between them. Sameer says it’s not like that. They are just friends. If there was any other girl, then he would still have beat him. Principal gives

him last warning and lets him go. After Sameer, Naina leave, JBR says same Romeo-Juliet story.

Sharad comes to Naina’s home. Chachaji meets him outside. Sharad tells him if they didn’t want rishta to happen, then they could have told him directly. What was the need to have him beaten up? Chachaji asks him to go to their home as neighbors are listening. Sharad says they will talk there only and asks him to teach values to Naina. Chachaji asks what she did. Sharad shows his wounds and says this. He went to her college to give her good news and she made her lover beat him. He asks Chachaji to make Naina understand if they want to maintain this relationship. Chachaji apologizes to him on Naina’s behalf. Sharad says Naina should be apologizing him. Chachaji says she will and asks him to do the aid first. Sharad refuses and leaves.
Sameer-Naina’s friends ask them what happened in principal’s office. Naina just walks away. Sameer asks Munna Pandit to leave him alone. Sameer is furious recalling Sharad slapping Naina.
Naina’s friend tell her it’s not her fault. She says it is her fault.. that she loved Sameer. For how long she will have keep punishing them both… prove that family matters most to her. Swati says at least she is trying. Naina says every single day she has to fight with herself and Sameer. She can’t fight any more. Preeti says she doesn’t get how Chachaji agreed for Sharad. Naina’s friends tell her that they will tell Chachaji how rudely he behaved with her and how he slapped her. After that Chachaji won’t let marriage happen. He will understand Sameer did right thing.
Sameer is outside. Chachaji comes to him and asks what he thinks of himself? How dare he raise hand at Sharad. Sameer stays quiet. Chachaji says he’s their to-be-son-in-law. Rakesh was right about him (Sameer) that he’s a spoiled rich brat, a goon. Sameer asks him to listen to him. Chachaji he knows everything. He wanted Naina’s rishta to break, right? And she broke because of him and gave excuse of Sharad insulting him. Because of him, innocent Naina has spoiled, has started lying. Sameer says enough! What’s their problem? Everyone in their family tell him anything they want. Rakesh used to take him wrong in school, Arjun thought only he has right to love someone. And Naina.. despite knowing her family won’t accept her love, she was spending time with him and now she forgot everything. Munna asks Sameer to leave from there. Sameer says let him speak.. He tells Chachaji that Naina had left him even before Sharad’s proposal came. She broke rishta not because of him (Sameer), but because of Chachaji. He beat Sharad not because he’s their son-in-law, but because he misbehaved with Naina and slapped her. Chachaji is shocked. He further says Naina respects her family a lot and becuase of her family she left her love. He asks Chachaji whether he really thinks Sharad can love Naina like him and keep her happy. Naina left her love for him, but can he let go this Maheshwari and Agrawal for her? He can’t let it go and Naina knows it.. that is why she left him. He was very happy knowing she broke her rishta and he went back to her and proposed her, but she rejected him again saying she can’t break her Chachaji’s trust. He further says that he has now figured that Naina doesn’t love anyone more than her family and no one can love Naina more than him, not even her Chachaji or her family. Chachaji is feeling guilty. Sameer says he’s not a thug, but if Sharad tries to raise his hand at Naina again, then he won’t spare him… he might even kill him. Sameer walks away. Munna and Pandit follow. Chachaji is stunned.
At home, Preeti is furious and tells Naina that she will tell her parents what Sharad did. It’s good that Sameer beat him up. She would have done same. She wonders how Chachaji agreed for him. It must be Taiji. Today she won’t be afraid of anyone and tell everyone that Naina won’t marry that animal. Preeti asks Naina why she is quiet. Naina says what she can say? No one wants to understand her. Preeti asks her to do something.
Munna tells Sameer that he had warned him. Naina doesn’t care about anyone. Both brother and sister are same. Arjun broke Shefali’s heart and Naina broke Sameer’s. Pandit tells Sameer that Naina will realize her mistake and come to him on her own. Sameer says no one will take her name now. Naina is just someone who studies in their college. They don’t have any other relation. Sameer promises Munna that he will always stay happy. From today, only them 3 friends will stay together. No one will come between them.
Chachaji returns home. He hears Preeti and Naina’s conversation that Sameer’s love is not like Arjun. His love is true and he can do anything for his love. He can fight with whole world. Naina asks whom he will fight with? their family? Whatever happening is fine. Preeti asks what’s fine? Sharad insulted Chachaji.. that was fine? He insulted her and slapped in college.. that was fine? Chachaji is shocked. Preeti tells Naina to talk to Chachaji and then see what he does after knowing the truth. Naina says no. Preeti says she will go and tell then. Naina stops her. Preeti says it’s about her life. If Sharad can raise his hand before marriage, then what all he will do after marriage? Naina says she doesn’t care about that. In this whole world, Chachaji loves her the most. If he took this decision, then he must have thought something. She hasn’t questioned any of his decision until today and she won’t question in future either. He knows very well what’s good for her. Chachaji gets emotional. Preeti says mistakes can happen by parents too. They can go and tell them that their decision is wrong. Naina says no Chachaji’s decision can be wrong. Preeti shows her slap’s marks on her cheeks and says this is Chachaji’s wrong decision. Her sad face is Chachaji’s wrong decision. Preeti asks her if Chachaji tells her to jump in the water well, then she will do it? Naina says yes because Chachaji can never think anything wrong for her. Chachaji opens door and goes inside. He asks Naina to go with him.
Precap: Munna tells Sameer he won’t go to temple. Sameer says he will. Munna says her whole family would be there and will beat him up. Now only God can save him from Agrawal’s family.
Update Credit to: Simmy

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