Bepannah 29th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Rioters hit at door of the garage. Sunita is panicked and upset that she has no right to marry a Muslim guy. Zoya calms her down. It is your right to marry the guy of your choice. Don’t let anyone snatch it away from you!
Arshad is checking a kid. Ward boy tells him that they should leave to save themselves. Arshad refuses to go anywhere. My duty is to first treat this kid and anyone who needs my aid. I refuse to pay any heed to these riots or threats. You guys are free to leave. Ward boy and nurse resume their duties too. Some Hindu rioters walk in and notice that the kid is a Muslim boy. They stop Arshad from treating the kid as he is Muslim. Arshad keeps nursing the kid’s wound. They ask Arshad about his religion. Arshad replies humanity but they insist upon knowing if he is Hindu or

Muslim. Arshad keeps mum. They read his ID Card. This is why you are treating this kid! Arshad tells him that he would have treated any other kid the same way. I wont let you play communal riots here. One of the guys try to stab him but Aditya holds his hand in time. It angers the guy for being Hindu yet stopping his people from hurting Arshad. Aditya says my dharma tells me to protect everyone irrespective of their religion. People who do riots will never understand my dharma. Another guy questions him as to why he is supporting a Muslim. Aditya cuts his finger and puts his blood on his palm. He next adds the blood of the wounded kid over it. Tell me whose blood is it now? Every dharma has a different way to reach out to their Gods but they are based on humanity. We lose our Gods when we sway from that path. Should I not save this kid just because he is wearing a taveez and I am wearing a holy thread? What if it was your kid lying here? Arshad, you should treat the kid. I will see who stops you from doing that till the time Aditya Huda is standing here! The rioters leave.

Aditya asks Arshad where he dropped Zoya. Arshad tells him. He knows of another way to enter inside Bharat Nagar and goes with Aditya.
The rioters keep hitting at the garage door. Zoya is as much panicked as everyone else. A girl is afraid thinking if they will kill them all. Zoya tells her not to think like that. We will win this game. Don’t be afraid. Rioters pour kerosene at the door. Zoya and Javed catches hint of it. Zoya says we must leave from here. Javed points out that that door is the only way to get out from here. Rioters keep using force to break open the door. That girl asks her mother if they lost. Zoya declines. Good always wins over evil. We wont lose. Rioters manage to break open the door. Zoya is standing in front of everyone as a shield. One guy asks them to stand separately depending on their religions. Sunita says Javed is my husband. How do we stand separately? They refuse to spare anyone as Hindu’s have killed their kids too. The Muslim guy steps forward with his sword and is looking directly at the Hindu kid.
Zoya says something in Urdu just when he is about to attack the kids. We are taught that killing an innocent is equivalent to killing humanity altogether. He asks her if she is a Muslim. She nods. My religion tells me to help everyone. I wont mind it if I lose my life in saving these people today! He warns her not to mess with him. Stand aside as you are Muslim. Don’t interfere in my work. She refuses to budge. Islam stands for peace. I wont let Islam be maligned because of a few people like you! All these present here are my people only.
Aditya and Arshad reach the check post again. Police does not let them inside. Arshad addresses Zoya as his fiancé but they do not let him in. Aditya tries to make his way inside by force but in vain. They hear a loud blast. Aditya shouts Zoya’s name and jumps over a barricade. Police does not let Arshad go inside. Aditya continues running fast and shouts Zoya’s name repeatedly.
Inspector tells Anjana they are trying their best. She tells him to bring her son to him. Where would he be! Arjun tells her he is in Bharat Nagar. Anjana panics. He has never been there. What is he doing there? I am stupid. It must be Zoya who would have taken him there. She always makes him land in problems. Don’t know why she isn’t leaving him alone.
Roshana prays for Zoya’s well-being. Noor is nursing Wasim’s wound. Arshad’s mother tells Roshana to have faith in Allah. He will protect our kids. Wasim gets up to go to Bharat Nagar again but Roshana does not let him go. Zoya is already stuck there and you want to go there too! I wont let you go. They see the news about a blast in Bharat Nagar. They also see someone running inside the lanes of Bharat Nagar. Noor recognizes him to be Aditya. Reporters call him one of the rioters.
Anjana and Arjun also see the news. Anjana says why Aditya always runs to save Zoya. Arjun reasons that he goes to save his friend always. Who else will do that if not him? Anjana refuses to lose her son because of Zoya. He isn’t her bodyguard!
The guy raises his sword to hit Zoya but Aditya holds it. He stares the guy right in his eye while his blood spills on the sword. Zoya cries seeing him there. Aditya hits the guy using his other hand and fights with other rioters too. Zoya tells everyone that Aditya is fighting for them but they have to do it on their own now. You have to fight your fears on your own! Rioters have no agenda. Religion never teaches you to fight with each other. It is everyone’s right to live freely in this country. Pick up the weapons and fight for your right! Everyone picks up a weapon each and fights with the rioters.
Aditya asks Zoya if she is fine. She nods and asks Aditya about Arshad. He came here to drop me. Did he reach safely? Aditya looks at her. He notices one of the rioters throwing a stone towards Zoya and turns her around. He gets hit on his head instead. She holds his head and her hand is drenched in his blood. Aditya passes out in her lap. Zoya shouts his name as she cries.
Precap: Zoya tells Aditya she wont let anything happen to him. She makes him lie down on a tin and pulls it using ropes. Rioters see her thus.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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