Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 29th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Chachaji brings Naina to Sharad’s house. Sharad says he knew they would definitely come and ask them to come in. He tells his mother that he told her they would come to him begging for forgiveness. Chachaji says he has come to complete an incomplete work. Sharad’s mother says they don’t want to do rishta now. Sharad says he will forgive Naina only if she hold her ears and say sorry 10 times. Chachaji asks Naina to look at her. He had told her that girls and guys are equal. Sharad did whatever he had to do, now it’s her turn. He says something in her ears. Sharad tells his mother watch how she begs for forgiveness. Naina walks to him and slaps him! Sharad and his mother are shocked. Chachaji says this is why he came. He could have made Naina to let go the matter,

but then guys like Sharad would keep taking advantage. Chachaji and Naina leave.

Female narrator says that slap was a result of Chachaji’s raising her. Raising that taught her that girls can protect themselves, they don’t need anyone to protect them.
Outside, Naina tells Chachaji that she wants to talk to him about a lot of things. Chachaji says him too, but before that there is one pending work.
Chachiji and Preeti are excited for cable connection. Taiji, Rakesh, Tauji are annoyed. Cable guy advices Tauji to get one for himself too. Taiji says there is no need.
Chachaji comes back with sweets. Taiji taunts that after breaking rishta, after getting Sharad slapped, and insulting Agrawal family, he wants to celebrate. Tauji says he didn’t expect this from Chachaji. Chachaji says they should be happy that Naina’s future is saved. Rakesh says today she slapped him, tomorrow she might slap them too. Chachiji says they didn’t teach that to their daughters. Rakesh says what they think that Sharad’s family will stay quiet? They will tell everyone. Who will marry Naina then? Taiji says she had found such a good guy. Chachaji shows slap mark on Naina’s face and says this is what that “good” guy did. He asks Rakesh would he still get Naina married to him? He should have broken rishta when Sharad grabbed his collar, but he stayed quiet. Naina also didn’t say anything. He apologizes to Naina. Naina says today he taught her to live with self-respect, she should be thanking him. Chachaji says today whole family will go outside to eat. Taiji says he can celebrate, they are not interested. No one respects elders in this family. Taiji, Tauji, Rakesh leave. Preeti celebrates. She asks Naina to smile now. Chachaji asks Preeti to take sweets and give in college tomorrow. He tells Chachiji to make tea for him. After they leave, he tells Naina that he wants to meet Sameer and asks her to tell him to meet in temple tomorrow. Naina gets nervous and asks why. Chachaji tells her to do what he said.
In her room, Naina is nervous. Preeti comes and hugs her saying she is so happy. She asks her why she is tensed now. Naina tells her that he feels Chachaji has learned about her and Sameer’s relationship. She is scared thinking what Chachaji will do now. Preeti asks her to call Sameer. Naina asks him how he’s feeling. He talks rudely why she cares about him and asks what she wants. Preeti tells Naina to get to point. Naina tells him that Chachaji wants to meet him in temple. He asks why? he wants him to take promise in front of God that he won’t come in Naina’s way? or he wants to have him arrested for beating Sharad? He says he won’t go. She tries to tell him that her and Sharad’s rishta has broken, but he doesn’t let her speak. She requests him. He agrees, but says, if anything goes wrong, then she knows his anger.
Munna and Pandit tell Sameer that he won’t go. Sameer says he will go. Munna says they will beat him up badly. Sameer asks them? Pandit says her whole family will be there. Munna says only God can save him from Agrawal family. Sameer says if they are Agrawals, then he’s also Maheshwari. He will see what happens, he is not afraid of anyone. Munna says what if Rakesh make Naina tie Rakhi to Sameer. Sameer says Naina would never do that and he would never let her do that either. Munna and Pandit says they will accompany him, but Sameer says it’s his matter. He will solve it on his own.
Male narrator says Munna and Pandit weren’t wrong. Back then when families found out about love relationship, they would beat up the lovers. But the lovers didn’t care.
It’s nigh. Both Sameer and Naina are not able to sleep.
Next morning, Chachaji and Naina wait for Sameer at temple. Naina is too nervous thinking why Chachaji called Sameer. Sameer comes and asks Chachaji why he called him. Chachaji says he always took his daughters as his friends. He will talk to him as a friend as well. Sameer says ok? Chachaji asks what’s going on between them. They both are quiet. Chachaji says he’s talking to him as a friend and friends don’t hide anything from each other. Sameer says they love each other. Naina looks down. Chachaji asks since when? Naina says since 3 years.
Precap: Naina and Sameer tell their story to Chachaji.
Update Credit to: Simmy

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