Bepannah 30th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Wasim talks to Arshad and says that Zoya is always in trouble when she is with Aditya. Arshad says that Aditya broke the police rule and went to search Zoya. Wasim gets schocked. Zoya tries to wake Aditya as he faints. People come there with weapons. She makes a hiding and hides with Aditya. They think no one is there and leaves. Zoya hugs Aditya. Zoya tries to wake Aditya. Arjun talks on the phone. He tells the police that they trust him. Anjana tells that she is responsible for this. She prays to God to save Aditya. She thinks that she killed Sakshi therefore Aditya is in danger. Arjun is confused as what Anjana is saying. She tells that she will die if anything happens to Aditya. Zoya tries to pull Aditya out of there.

Zoya ties the plank with a rope and pulls him. She prays to God to help her. She brings him out. People see them and come to hit them. The police comes and saves them. They catch hold of the people. Arshad comes to save Zoya. He takes both of them out of there safely. Arshad says her that he will take care of him. Arshad and Zoya reach Hooda house. Anjana is worried for Aditya. Arjun and Arshad take Aditya in the room. Arshad says that Aditya is fine. Zoya goes close to Aditya. Anjana stops her and tells her to think that when she is with Aditya he is always in trouble. Anjana tries to make her understand that she is danger for him. And tells her to stay away from him. She tells Aditya won’t listen to her, she requests Zoya to give Aditya space. Zoya reaches home, Zoya’s mom becomes happy. Noor and Zoya prises Aditya. Wasim says that Arshad was better as he could co-ordinated with the police and saved Zoya. Arshad tells Wasim that Aditya was very worried for Zoya. Wasim thinks that Aditya is immature. Wasim forbids Zoya and Noor to go back to Hooda house. Aditya recalls Zoya. Anjana decides to separate them. 
Precap : Zoya finds Aditya’s letter. Aditya decides to convey his feelings to Zoya

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