Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Nandini and Kunal come out of Bus Depot hand in hand. Nandini thinks about Kunal’s love confession just a while ago.
Mauli was trying Kunal’s number but he didn’t respond.
She brings some files and operate her laptop.
The guard of society watch Kunal and Nandini hand in hand, suspiciously. At the door, Kunal looks towards Nandini and leaves her hand. She finds the keys. Kunal grabs her hand to take the keys and unlock the door. They move in together. Nandini was nervous and hurries towards the window. Kunal notices the restless movement of her hands as she faked cleaning kitchen shelf. She only turns on his call of her name. He stood with his arms open for her. She walks towards him. They hug each other.
Mauli was busy with the work when a photo frame in

her room fell down and breaks. She touch their happy faces in the photo and cries. She wonders why there are hurdles in the ways of their dreams. She promise to fix it all.
As they part from a hug, Kunal takes Nandini’s hands to make her sit on the dining table chair. He smiles then brings a cup of tea for them. Nandini smiles at this gesture.
Mauli was unable to eat anything for breakfast.
Nandini takes the cups to kitchen.
Kunal checks his cell phone and finds Mauli’s missed calls.
Mauli was getting ready for hospital.
Kunal takes a leave from Nandini. She nods with a smile. They walk to the door together. Kunal gives her a smile and moves forward. He spots Nandini’s doomed face in the mirror on the wall. He turns to look at her. Mauli was applying sindoor when the sindoor case slips. Kunal returns to Nandini and decides to stay for another hour, this will return the smile on her face. He offers to cook something sweet for them. Mauli was tensed and gathers the sindoor back in her case. Kunal suggests about cooking his favorite kheer with a lot of almond. Nandini happily goes to cook it for him. Mauli fills her hairline with the sindoor, wear her gown and hurries outside.
Nandini comes to the kitchen and happily cooks the kheer. Kunal stood right behind her and watch her intently. Nandini was conscious of his presence and happy with it.
On the way, Mauli thinks Nandini must surely be home. She decides to surprise her.
Kunal likes the fragrance of kheer and goes to freshen up.
Mauli reach Nandini’s house.
Nandini poured the kheer in a bowl and turns around with a sharp smile. Mauli stood at the door smiling back. Nandini’s smile vanishes all at once. Mauli complements that the aroma of kheer is there all around the building. This is surely good for her cooking class advert. Nandini was conscious and looks towards the room Kunal had gone to freshen up. Mauli says she was really upset and needed this kheer for therapy. They come to the table. Nandini notices the car keys and handkey. Mauli says no one could have stopped Kunal from having this kheer if he was here. She bends to take a bite from the bowl when there was a sound of flush. Mauli was conscious. Nandini says flush is out of order, plumber says the lever is lose. Mauli smiles that it’s a strange problem. Mauli turns towards the sofa seating. Kunal had just appeared from inside. Nandini abruptly stops her and insists that they must go to the bedroom and sit there comfortably. Mauli still turns to shut the main door.

PRECAP: Nandini comes to the door as Kunal leaves. Mauli reads the letter in the room that Nandini left for her. She questions Nandini what this letter is about?
Update Credit to: Sona

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