Bepannah 31st August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Arshad asks Zoya out for dinner to change her mood. She declines but her parents suggest her to go with Arshad. It will be a good change. Arshad requests again. Zoya nods. Noor thinks he planned dinner date already. I should tell Arjun.
Aditya sits up. Anjana is in tears. Thank God you are fine. He nods. She says I was so worried for you. He apologizes to her for troubling her. I dint want to trouble you but it happened. I am really sorry. They share a hug. He asks about Zoya. Is she outside? Anjana says she does not stay in this house. She has a separate home. She is there. He says I know that but she dint stay back for me. Anjana says why will she stay for you. She has a fiancé. Aditya corrects her. They aren’t engaged. She says he might be her would be fiancé. He too was worried for her and

took her with him. He decides to call her but she asks him if he will keep calling Zoya even when she gets married. Aditya is positive she wont get married,e specially not to Arshad. She tells him to go ahead and call Zoya. You only care about Zoya and not your mother. He agrees to not call Zoya. Sorry! She keeps a condition.

Arjun is relieved to see his brother fine. I was so scared. Aditya blames himself for whatever happened. Arjun reasons that he cannot blame himself for that as he dint know there will be riots in that area. Aditya says I saw people attacking them with knives and swords. I might have problem with Arshad but he is a human being. What if something had happened to him? Arjun tells him not to think about it. Everything is fine now. Take your medicines.
Anjana is still worried about Aditya. He makes his mother eat something. Noor calls him again and he finally goes aside to attend it. He scolds her for continually calling her again and again even when he is disconnecting the call. This isn’t the time to romance. Noor tries to tell him about the dinner date but he ends the call. Zoya thinks to call Aditya and inform him about the forced dinner that she has to go to. Her phone is dead. She is looking for her charger when she finds Aditya’s love letter. The name on the bottom is torn. She mistakes it to be Arshad from the A. We met a few days ago and he loves me so much already? I had no intention of saying no but I agreed to meet him for Abbu’s sake. Hope I don’t break his heart by mistake. I am feeling guilty. She decides to call Aditya so he can guide her.
Aditya is happy to see Zoya’s name flashing on her screen. She disconnects the call before her can pick it so Anjana does not get upset. He calls her back. She shares that she is going through a dilemma and does not know what to do. He asks her if this is why she left her best friend and dint wait for him to wake up. You have a new friend now. She denies. You know I can do anything for me. He nods. Did Ma say anything? She agrees. She wasn’t wrong though. I don’t want any problem in your family because of me. He calmly asks her what she said. Zoya shares that she asked me to give you space. He tells her not to give so much space that some third person comes in between them. She tells him that she called him to talk about that third person, i.e., Arshad. I found something in my drawer. Arshad knocks on the door. She ends the call and keeps the letter back in the drawer. Aditya is angry that Arshad is taking out his Zoya yet again. Arshad compliments Zoya and so does she. Where are your specs? He reminds her of her compliment earlier in the day. Wasim comes there. He advises Zoya to keep a spare key. She nods and goes with Arshad.
Anjana asks Pundit ji to come at sharp 11:30. She is planning to hold a puja on Janamashtami. She gets worried seeing Aditya there. He tells her he was feeling restless alone. He is excited to hear about the Dahi-Handi. She shares that she has invited kids from the orphanage too. Harsh isn’t in town. It is fun when we celebrate everything. Aditya suggests her to invite Siddiqui’s too. She isn’t happy but he convinces her not to divide festivals on the basis on religions. Siddiqui’s called me and Arjun over on Eid and we couldn’t even thank Arshad. We should call them all. She agrees angrily.
Arshad asks Zoya if he made some mistake. She asks him if he will not feel bad if she will tell him something. You very well know I don’t wish to get married right now. You asked for 2 weeks’ time. I said yes for Abbu’s sake but I feel I am not doing justice with you. Everyone goes through heartbreak but my broken heart can never be joined again. It is impossible. I loved Harsh immensely but life cheated me. I cannot explain it to you but it will be really difficult for me.
Arjun asks Aditya why he invited Arshad too. Aditya does not want to live in this guilt anymore. Things are getting complicated. Arshad asked for 2 weeks. What am I waiting for? I think I will tell Zoya everything tomorrow on Janamashtami.
Zoya says I am not upset with what happened. I got another chance in life and met Aditya. He taught me how to fight back and live life. I found myself after lots of difficulty. He says I understand all this. What are you trying to say? She replies that it will be really difficult for her to love again.
Arjun again says why you are calling Arshad too. Aditya does not want Zoya to find out the truth later. I want to tell Arshad I did a fake call because of which they fell in trouble. It happened because of me. The one who stood his ground won in Mahabharata too. I think I should confess my feelings before Zoya. Arjun agrees with him and hugs his brother. Anjana overhears everything. She decides to do something before Aditya does anything.
Precap: There is a competition between Aditya and Arshad for Dahi Handi.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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