Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 31st August 2018 Episode Written Update


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Part 1
Sameer tells Naina that knowingly/unknowingly, they have hurt each other over the last three years but the people who bore the brunt of this are Munna-Pandit. He says that the only two people who are his real friends are Munna-Pandit. He says he too had a sweet family like Naina, his Nanu but after losing him, he faced difficulties. He says Munna-Pandit were always with him like a shadow. Naina says i know they are your best friends and will stay so. She asks what does this have to do with us? Sameer says Munna is not happy with us being together. He feels that if you leave me again, what will i do. Like your family is important to you, Munna is important to me, sorry but I cant go against Munna. Sameer leaves from there.
Female Narrator– In life, if 2+2 werent

5, life would be colorless. Who knew that Chachaji would approve. Who knew, leaving Swati/Kamya, Munna would become my souten. I recollected all the punishments i gave Munna as class monitor and felt its pang. i was happy Sameer fulfilled his friendship but i was jealous of it too.

Munna-pandit are pacing in the hall of the college when Kartik and his friends come with hockey sticks. They ask if the two are terrified of elections? They ask, Where is Salman? Munna fumes on them and asks to back off. Kartik says they will create big scene next day in college, dare and face it. Swati comes to them. Munna says why smiling so much? Swati says election campaign begins and i am sure i will win. Munna is lost about worrying for Sameer.
Naina arrives and tells Munna, you must be happy right, Munna? Naina says all is over between Sameer and me, happy? Munna is walking away. Naina says i know you are jealous of me and Sameer. Munna asks why? Naina says coz Sameer loves me a lot. Munna says true but what did you do? You left him midway. You din care for him. Munna says i care for him. Naina says i can do anything for Sameer. Munna says you cant do anything that Sameer has done for you. Naina says tell me what to do? Munna says if i ask you to jump from terrace will you? Naina says yes and walks to the terrace.
Female Narrator– What a stupid act i did. Todays kids believe in living life in style. Dunno if what i did was a great act or not but do know it was stupid, today and then to. Had i lost balance, all did be standstill, my love story and Munna’s friendship. I wonder why i din think of a better way. Today giving password of phone is enough to prove loyalty. But this is about those days where lovers were like me and Sameer and friends were like Munna.
All are looking for Sameer. They find Sameer and inform him that Naina is about to jump off from terrace. Munna begs Naina to step back. Naina says, I should fold hands before you. You did so much for Sameer and me. Had you not been there our relationship would not have progressed so much. You did a lot for us both. If you were not there, Sameer may not have come from Delhi. Today by jumping from here, i will prove my love and my friendship. Everyone tries to stop Naina as Sameer rushes to the terrace to stop her. Sameer reaches and asks if she is nuts? Naina says this is between me and Munna. She says, Munna thinks i cant do anything for you, today i will prove what i can do for you. As Naina turns, Sameer-Munna pull her away from the edge.
Male Narrator– Telling this is wrong that every pillar of our college is covered with our love well our friendship is no less famous. Munna apologized to us while Naina too apologized for her stupidity.
Munna hugs Sameer. BG- Salamat rahe dostana hamara. Everyone is relieved and hug each other.
Part 2
Munna asks everyone to calm down, situation is under control. All are relaxed. Everyone asks Naina what to do now? Naina says, propose. Everyone cheers. Naina gets a flower and kneels in front of Munna. Everyone is confused. Naina asks Munna if he will accept her as his bhabhi. All laugh. Munna tells Naina you are my sister. Munna scolds Sameer, are you crazy, i told you to leave Naina and you left her? He scolds Naina, i told you to jump from the roof and you went to jump. Munna says Sameer you are incomplete without Naina. Friendship cannot take place of love. Naina says no, for Sameer, your friendship is priceless. And you are not just Sameers but my friend too.
Part 3
Kamya says no wonder she told you to jump from the terrace. Pandit defends saying Munna was kidding. Kamya says but Naina was serious. Pandit says then if Munna tells you to go to saloon and go bald will you? All laugh. Munna apologizes to Sameer and Naina saying you both are incomplete without each other. Dunno what happened to me, sorry. All hug each other. Munna says was tense Naina will leave Sameer again. Naina swears will not leave Sameer again. Munna says need something concrete. Munna makes Naina write down vows that she will not leave Sameer ever. Naina writes it down and signs. Munna keeps the note with him.
Female Narrator– Its the innocence of those days that writing two names together made it immortal. Many years later what Munna would do with those names would surprise you. But that is a story for later. After all now new blast is going to happen.
All laugh. Sameer-Naina eyelocks.
Precap — BG-Woh sikander hi dosto kehlata hai. Sameer and his friends campaign for election. Kartik and Sunaina show off.
Update Credit to: Armu4Eva

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