Ishqbaaz 3rd September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Anika turns in sleep. She wakes up and sees Shivaye gone. She looks for him and sees time. She says where is Shivaye and calls him out. She finds Shivaye in kitchen. She asks what are you doing here. He says don’t touch it. She asks why. He says its organic food, if you touch this, he won’t eat it. She asks who. He says my best friend Mohit is coming here, he is very sensitive, he won’t have food if its not hygienic, someone mixed something in his food once and he died, then he came back. She jokes and asks is he Lord. He says a little less than Lord and a little more than human, he is a magician, you would know about Taj. She says yes, is he your friend. He says we studied in Oxford together. She asks why are you adding sugar in salad. He says he likes sugar with everything, he loves sweets, he

adds sweetness in everyone’s lives, you will understand everything when you meet him.

Its morning, Shivaye asks Khanna to check bedding. He instructs the servants. He says mirror should be in front of Mohit’s bed, when he wakes up, he sees his face first. Gauri says maybe he is really special for Shivaye. Anika says he is Shivaye’s best friend. Gauri says strange guy, he looks at himself on waking up. Priyanka comes. Gauri asks did you meet Mohit. Priyanka says yes, everyone respects him a lot, he saved Shivaye’s life, they studied in the same college, some goons attacked Shivaye, Mohit saved his life. Anika says its our duty to take care of him. Dadi asks maid to get a cup of tea for her. Anika says I will get tea for Dadi.
Anika gets tea. Dadi turns away. Shivaye says Mohit is coming today, I want everyone to meet him well, just for a few days, forget this anger. Dadi says you know I never refuse you. Shivaye says you know how much I love you, you are very cute. He hugs Dadi. He says I will go and pick Mohit, he is flying here. Anika says so he is also a pilot. He says no, he is a magician.
Shivaye reaches the place. Officer says weather is bad, Mr. Malhotra’s chopper can’t land. Shivaye gets Mohit’s call and says go back with the chopper, I m with the officials, they are saying its risky to land chopper in such a bad weather, can you hear me. The officer says he has come, ask him not to land, there can be a crash. Shivaye says you can’t land, stop Mohit. They wave to Mohit to stop it. The chopper lands. Shivaye smiles and looks on. They all get shocked seeing the chopper blasting. Shivaye shouts Mohit. Officers hold him back. Mohit walks to them. Shivaye looks on shocked. Mohit holds a lady’s hand. They come to Shivaye. Mohit asks what happened, you got afraid. Shivaye says you almost killed me, what was all this. Mohit says magic.
Shivaye says your magic will kill someone someday. Mohit says someone, but not you. They hug. Shivaye says I m so happy to see you. Mohit says I know, I don’t meet the people who aren’t happy to see me. Shivaye asks how did you do this. Mohit says a magician never tells his secrets, why are you so shocked, you can touch me and confirm that I m alive. The lady says you have won the bet. Mohit says I told Nancy that Shivaye would be shocked to see me, and Nancy said that Shivaye isn’t a kid to get shocked seeing a magic show, I always tell her not to underestimate me, sorry I forgot to introduce you too, she is Nancy, my wife. Shivaye says you got married, and didn’t even tell me. Mohit says yes, you didn’t tell me too, I got to know it from Tej. Shivaye says it happened in a hurry. Mohit says same here, she met me in Morocco, she came there to see my magic show, her magic worked on me. She does Namaste. Shivaye says Namaste, very indian, come home, everyone is waiting. Mohit asks her for scarf. He holds the scarf in front of Shivaye and removes it. He shows the chopper fine. Shivaye asks how did you do this. Mohit says its magic.
Shivaye says I know, but this is something else, its a miracle. Mohit says my magic starts where magic ends. Shivaye says if this is the start, then what would be the end. Mohit does shayari. They leave. Mohit and Nancy come home. Mohit greets everyone and hugs. Nancy says these gifts are for you all. Mohit says its our love, please accept it, Shivaye won’t you introduce me to your wife. Shivaye says yes, Anika, that’s Mohit. Anika says I m meeting you for the first time, I have heard a lot about you, you are a big magician. Mohit says so cute, I understood why Shivaye married so soon, Anika is so beautiful. He says baby, their love story is also like ours, magical, love at first sight. Nancy says tell me, sorry my Hindi isn’t good. Mohit says she is not from India, that’s why. Nancy asks them about their love story. Anika says I have heard about Taj magician, ask him to show one trick. Shivaye says I have seen enough for the day, let them eat. Dadi says Shivaye has made food for you. Anika serves tea. Anika says drink tea.
Shivaye asks why are you staring. Anika says I want to see magic. Shivaye asks Gauri to control her. Anika says magicians can’t avoid tricks for long, see how he does the magic now, he is a great magician, I heard that he made chandelier disappear. They see the chandelier. Priyanka says hopefully, he doesn’t disappear this chandelier, else Tej will be upset, he likes chandelier more than magic. Anika says I think he will make the tea cup fly. Mohit keeps the cup. Anika says this table will disappear, get ready. Mohit asks Nancy to give her scarf. Anika says now a pigeon will appear. He cleans his phone and returns the scarf. Anika asks what’s this. He asks what. She says you didn’t do anything. Shivaye says you didn’t eat anything. Anika says no, I mean Shivaye told me that you are a big magician, you didn’t even disappear a tea cup, you are really Taj Jadugar right? Mohit smiles.
Anika says if you are really Taj, then show me magic. Mohit asks Anika to close eyes and imagine a flower, now open eyes. Anika sees the flower in his hands. Priyanka calls Shivaye and asks him to get ready and come at pool side. Gauri asks Anika to get ready and be there on time at pool side.
Update Credit to: Amena

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