Nazar 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Shekhar gives the bridal dress and says this is for the bride. Ruby’s father says all parents want huge celebrations on their kids’ wedding. But things are happening so abruptly. We are glad she has in laws like you. Vedashree says we can have haldi today. Ruby says mom day were saying why haldi and mehndi lets do the wedding. Vedashree says a bride has to put on mehndi her hands.
Ruby says in heart if they see my feet everything would be rude. Ruby says to her fake parents why did you have to agree to mehndi. He says it wasn’t our mistake. They were urging. She says shut up.
Nishant calls Piya and says I heart Ansh and Ruby are getting engaged. she says yes. He says stay there and keep an eye on Ansh. Find out why is it happening so urgently. Piya sees Ruby’s

parents begging to her. Ruby throttles them. Piya is dazed. Nishant says you have to stay there. There is something wrong. She says you are right. There is.

Baa hears a kid crying. SHe says who is it? She opens the door and says who is it? Who is crying? She comes in. Mohana pulls her in her circle. Baa says leave me. Mohana shoves her. Baa says leave me. Mohana says tell me how to get out of here. Baa says I would die but not tell you. Mohana says then die. She touches Baa and falls back down.
Piya comes out. Her dupatta flies with the wind. Ansh holds it.
Mohana says this can’t happen. No one can be safe from me. I am very powerful. She says are you a devik? This locket. This pendant. How do you know her? She says this locket has my Piya’s picture. Is my Piya devik? Baa smiles.
Baa runs from there. Mohana says stop. Baa comes out. she says means Piya is the devik they are looking for. Mohana says if they get to know Piya is the devik and not Ruby I wont ever be able to get out of here.
Ansh ties her blouse and makes her wear her duppatta. He kisses her back.
Ruby looks at her engagement ring and says you are only mine Ansh. Piya says what are you doing, let me go. ansh shoves her. He says go then. Who stopped you? Get lost. He leaves. Piya is dazed.
Scene 2
Wedding celebrations start. Ansh comes in. He looks at Piya. Piya looks at her arm that Ansh held. She goes awa. Ansh looks at her. He comes to the hall. Vedashree says it is my son’s wedding why wont I dance and celebrate. she dances. Mohana says this is my son’s wedding I will dance. She dances on banno tera swagger. Kajal and Neha join Vedashree. Ruby says no one should see my feet but what will I do if they see. Shekhar hugs Vedashree.
Ruby comes to the hall and sees everyone dancing. she is nervous and says i have to do something.
Precap-Baa says to Vedashree you have to get your son married to a devik. Vedashree says we have found one. We are getting her married to Ansh. Baa says who? Vedashree says Ruby. The girl who has devi ma’s mark. Tomorrow is wedding. Baa says she isn’t devik. She can’t be a devik.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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