SBD Ishq Subhan Allah: Miraj taunts Kabeer


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Kabeer gets the shocking news of Zara’s death. He comes home and locks up himself in the room. He gets sorrowful and sheds tears, while recollecting Zara. He feels he has lost Zara. Somewhere he senses that Zara is alive. Kabeer reaches Zara’s house. He can’t believe that Zara died in the blast. He pacifies Zara’s family, who mourn for her loss. Kabeer tells Zara’s dad that he can never accept this truth, Zara will come back. He sees Zara’s clothes and cries. He misses Zara. He meets his friends and hatches a plan to find Zara.
He has a belief that Zara isn’t dead, even when he has seen the car blast in front of his eyes. He wants to find Zara. He says Zara didn’t die, as I m saying this. He learns about Miraj’s plotting to kill Zara. He doesn’t break down. He asks his friends to help him search for Zara. Zara is alive. She wants to prove her innocence. She will be returning to Kabeer and family. Zara will get Miraj punished.

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