Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 4th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Naina and Sameer leave on bike. Kartik tells Sunaina this is what real Sameer is.. for whom she was crying. He asks her to save her tears. She has to take revenge from them.
Swati comes to classroom to get her book. She can’t find it. Sunaina comes with the book. She says she saw it on floor, so she kept it with her. She then tells Swati that it’s sad that her best friend and other friends don’t see what’s in her heart. Swati asks what she means. Sunaina says no one can see she wants to take part in election. Swati says she never wanted to. Sunaina says she didn’t want in beginning, but after that she felt like taking part. Sameer not supporting her is understandable, but Munna? He’s her boyfriend and still he is supporting Naina. Swati says

it’s not like that. They are childhood friends. Sunaina says friends are the ones who understand each others feelings. Those are not her friends, they are selfish. No one was concerned for her. She asks Swati to think about it. She takes her as a friend and she can’t see someone doing wrong with her friend. Swati leaves.

Chachaji and Chachi welcome Arjun. Rakesh sees him and asks what happened to him? Was he used to stay awake whole nights? Arjun says that.. Rakesh says he should have known that relatives don’t take care of their guests. Taiji comes and asks why he’s saying bad about their relatives? It was Arjun who locked himself in room 24 hours like a lover and didn’t do any work house, nor went to play cricket. Rakesh says Arjun has become weak because relatives didn’t take care of him. He asks him to rest well and prepare for cricket tournament. Chachaji asks Arjun whether he’s okay. He can tell him if there’s anything. Arjun says everything is fine.
Naina and Preeti come home and meet Arjun saying they missed him a lot. He says he missed them too. They sit for dinner. Arjun is lost in Shefali’s thoughts. Naina asks him whether everything is okay. Rakesh comes and tells him to eat fast and sleep. He has to wake up early for practice.
Female narrator says she wishes there was action replay in real life like cricket. Arjun then would have known better what he wants to do in future. And she would have also seen Swati’s sad face and save their strong friendship getting weaker.
Swati recalls Sunaina’s words. She says when Sunaina understood her feelings, then Naina is her best friend.. she would have definitely figured it out. But why she didn’t talk to her? She then thinks she didn’t tell Naina about it. She calls her to tell that she is interested in taking part in election. Naina picks up and says, Hi, Sameer. Swati says it’s me. Naina asks why she called her? Swati says she wants to talk about something important. Naina tells her to talk tomorrow in college. Sameer must be calling her now. They will talk after so long on phone. Swati asks her to listen to her at least. Naina says they will talk tomorrow and hang.
Naina gets Sameer’s call now. He asks why line was busy? She says she was talking to Swati. They talk on phone whole night.
Munna and Pandit are putting posters on walls to vote for Naina. Swati comes and asks them how they are early today? They say to do preparations for election. Swati asks Munna to go to cafe to eat. She didn’t have breakfast. Munna says is she crazy. They have so much work and she’s talking about eating. He asks her to go and let them do their work. Swati feels bad and leaves.
She comes inside and her friends tell her that they cancelled her name and replaced her with Naina. She asks where is Naina? They say in classroom. She thinks she will have to talk to Naina.
Naina is practicing speech with Sameer. He smiles looking at her. She asks why he smiles like that when she’s giving speech. He says he always watches her like that. She asks when he thinks she looks best. He says he hasn’t seen, but when she’s sleeping.. that time she looks best. She says she must be looking innocent… that’s why right. He says no because she stays quiet. She makes faces. He says sorry and asks her to continue her practice. She says she’s very nervous. He gives example of women who achieved big things and asks why she’s getting nervous. He is also with her as a support and reminds how everyone got impressed when Swati gave speech. She says they got impressed with other things that Swati said. He says who takes Swati serious? Everyone got impressed with speech which Naina had written. Swati hears it. Naina asks so she has chances of winning? He says definitely. They remove “vote for Sunaina”, “vote for Swati” posters and replace them with “vote for Naina” poster.
Swati is sitting alone in cafe. She’s sad and upset. Kartik and his friend sit on a different table. They talk loudly how Naina’s friends are working so hard. No one worked that hard when Swati was standing in election. Kartik’s friend says maybe it’s because they know Swati is not capable of winning. Kartik says he doesn’t think that. Had everyone put same effort, then Swati could have won too. Kartik’s friend says maybe they don’t want Swati to win. Kartik says maybe Naina told her group not to campaign for Swati. Swati looks at them. They act as if they didn’t know she was there. She leaves. Kartik and his friend laugh.
Swati comes out crying and hugs Sunaina. Sunaina smiles.
Precap: Sameer’s group plays game of keeping eyes open for longest time.
Update Credit to: Simmy

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