Ishqbaaz 6th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Shivaye sends Anika to Gauri. She leaves. Nancy comes to Mohit. He says you always take care of me. She says you have to take a bath before sleeping. He kisses her hand and goes. She says sorry baby, your butterfly likes some other flower. She adds sleeping pills in his tea cup and smiles. He comes from bath and drinks the tea. He sleeps. Anika wakes up. Nancy comes to Shivaye. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing her in his bed. He says you… Anika tries to sleep. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says I m not getting sleep. Gauri asks aren’t you getting sleep without Shivaye. Anika says I will check if he took medicines, you sleep, I will just come. She leaves. Shivaye asks what are you doing here. Nancy asks don’t you understand, why will a girl come to a guy’s room at night, don’t worry,

Taj won’t go, Anika is with her sister, who slipped down. He asks how do you know this. She says I have done this.

He gets away and asks her to get out. She says I know you like me. He shouts just go, if you were not my best friend’s wife, I would have kicked you out of my house. She says aw, you look so hot in anger. She gets him in arms. Anika comes there and opens the door. She sees Shivaye and asks what’s all this. Nancy hides. He stops Anika. She asks why is this pillow fallen here. He asks did you come here for cleaning stuff. She asks did you take medicines, is everything fine. He says I took medicines, I m going to sleep. She says fine and leaves. Nancy says lying to wife, I like it. He says get out, if you weren’t my friend’s wife…. I will tell Mohit, stop it. Mohit comes and asks what will you tell me. Nancy says hi baby, its a surprise, I m planning a surprise for you, Shivaye was saying he will tell you about it. Mohit asks what surprise. She says it won’t be a surprise if I say. Mohit says sorry, she is such determined, sorry to disturb you, forgive her. Nancy says we will continue tomorrow.
Mohit says sorry, she is very adamant, beware of her. He smiles and goes. She gives a kiss to Shivaye and goes. Its morning, Anika and Shivaye bump into each other. O jaana…plays… Mohit says your romance didn’t end still. Everyone comes to dine. Mohit says I m dying to meet Omru. Tej says they will come in few days. Mohit says I just eat apples in breakfast. Jhanvi says sorry, staff didn’t keep apples. Priyanka says I will get it. Anika says no, Mohit is a big magician, he will get apples by magic. He says quite possible. Anika says you didn’t wear that magical jacket, how will you do it then. Mohit says you are quite funny Anika. She says I m smart too, get apples without jacket, show me now.
Mohit says as you wish. Mohit kisses his lighter and does magic. Anika gets an apple in her hand. Everyone smiles. Shivaye says well done. Anika says how did this come. Shivaye says its not a trick, but magic, eat it. Mohit says I did this by magic, its a secret. Shivaye asks her to have breakfast now. Nancy holds Shivaye’s hand. He gets shocked. He tries to get his hand free. Anika asks him to have food with right hand. Nanvy asks why are you having food with left hand. He says I have ache in right hand. Anika asks is everything fine. Jhanvi asks did you lift heavy weights like Rudra. He says yes. Nancy teases him. He gets up and says sorry, I have an imp video call. He goes. Anika says he should have taken breakfast.
Nancy comes to him and hugs. He asks what are you doing here. She says our matter was incomplete. He says get out, what’s wrong with you, Mohit loves you so much. Nancy says I also love him, cheating is normal. He says its not normal for me, I can’t cheat my wife. She laughs and says Anika… you don’t share bed with her. He says its my personal matter. She asks why do you have a problem, you should feel lucky when a hot girl is offering you, lets have fun, my husband and your wife won’t know this. He says I will tell everything to Mohit, don’t test my patient, just leave. Anika comes and asks what happened Shivaye. Nancy greets her and says now you explain him, I asked him to get gift for Taj, I m giving him money and he isn’t taking it, this isn’t fair. Anika asks is this the matter. He nods. Anika says he is saying right, you are our guest. Nancy asks how can I argue with both now. She goes. Anika says I got breakfast for you, have it now, take care of yourself, else how will it work, if anything happens to you…
He says you are really good. She asks is anything wrong that you are praising me. He says its nothing like that. He shares the toast with her and says I know you didn’t eat anything since morning. O jaana….plays….. They have a moment. He gets a call and answers saying her name. She stops and sees him. He says yes Khanna, tell me. She smiles and leaves. Mohit says Nancy, I m going to meet sponsors, will you come along. She says I m not feeling well, you go. He asks her to take care and goes. He asks Anika are you going anywhere. She says I m going to Sahil’s school, he is my younger brother. He says I will drop you. They leave. Nancy sees them. Khanna comes to Shivaye. Shivaye asks what bad news did you get, I understand its a bad news. Khanna says CCTV rebooting will take time. Shivaye says we have no time, fix it soon. Nancy comes to Shivaye. She says relax, I just came to take water, the weather is so hot, will I get ice for water. He helps her.
Nancy pulls Shivaye over her and they fall on the couch. Mohit and Anika come home and get shocked seeing them.
Update Credit to: Amena

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