Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Kunal was shocked to see the blood ridden house, floor filled with feathers of bird while writing on the wall with blood. He comes inside calling Nandini. Nandini sat at a corner of terrace, trembling out of fear. Kunal was shocked to see her condition as her clothes were torn and face covered in blood. She pushes him away fearful of anyone’s presence, still in a state of trauma. He assures Nandini that she is safe with him now.
Mauli was busy with Mayank’s wedding rituals.
Kunal goes inside. He splash the wall with water and removes the blood stained writing, wiping if with a cloth.
Nandini recalls Rajdeep’s deterrence, and his abuses. Kunal returns to Nandini and assures that he removed everything.
Mauli was trying Kunal’s number. Maa comes to take her for Gadh-bandhan. After the gadh-bandhan ritual Mauli was busy with the wedding rituals.
Kunal holds Nandini’s hand, covers her with the torn pieces of her saree.
Mauli was cheerfully participating in the wedding rituals. She recalls her wedding with Kunal.
Nandini was trembling and hugged Kunal tightly as he helps her inside. He watch Nandini stand under the shower, still terrified. The blood over her face melted. He wipes it off her face with his hands. Later he dry her hair while she sat on the bed. He turns to leave but Nandini holds Kunal’s hand. Kunal sits beside her to caress her, tears fell off Nandini’s eyes and she hugs him tightly.
He sensually kiss Nandini and removes her jewellry. They share cozy bed together.
After the wedding was complete, Mayank and his wife take blessings from elders. Mauli’s eyes were filled with tears while she forced a smile over her face. She tries Kunal’s number.
Nandini sat in the bathroom, there was a mark of sindoor over her forehead with she removes. Tears fell off her eyes.
Kunal sat in the bed, tensed.
PRECAP: Kunal takes a leave from Nandini by kissing her forehead. At home, Mauli was concerned where he had been at the times of wedding rituals.
Update Credit to: Sona

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