Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Manish saying Kartik is fine. Suwarna asks and Naira. He says she is also fine, I m glad to see you care for her. She says I m upset and annoyed, but feelings don’t end for a person, can you go and see how is Kartik. He says yes, but I can’t see what mum’s eyes want to see, a mum’s right is above a son’s annoyance. Its morning, Suwarna gets breakfast for Kartik and asks won’t you talk to me, forgive me once. He says we need forgiveness, at least I do. Naira wakes up and says how did I sleep for long. Rajshri says doctor said you will sleep for long hours because of medicines. Naira thinks how to find about Kartik. Rajshri says hurrying isn’t good, think with a calm mind and decide, I will get some food for you. She goes. Naira thinks of Kartik’s

words. Kartik asks did you talk to Naira. Lav says Kirti said she is sleeping. He gets Naira’s call. He says it was Naira’s call. Kartik asks why didn’t you give phone to me. Lav says she didn’t ask for you, she gave a message, we need to talk.

He tells Kush that one tells this when there is some problem. Kartik says what does Naira want to talk, there is some problem, I feel wrong. Devyaani says I can’t believe this, we have come back from a big incident. Kirti says everyone was so worried for Kartik and Naira. Naksh says Nandini asked me to inform her about them. Devyaani says relations are strange, we had bitterness in heart, else we all don’t wish bad for each other, lets forget it, we will stay happy, we won’t tell them anything. Lav and Kush make a wish, everything gets fine between Naira’s family and their family. Naira thinks of Rajshri’s words. She sees the time. Kartik leaves. Rajshri asks what’s the matter. Naitik says you may feel strange if I say.
He says I want to see Kartik once. She says go and meet him, you can talk to him on phone, some relations change, but never end. She gives him phone. He calls Goenkas. Manish answers. Naitik ends call and says people have to change when relations change. Dadi comes to Suwarna and says you know where did Kartik go, he went to meet Naira, he is going away from you. Suwarna wakes up and says what am I thinking this, they got mutually divorced, this can’t happen. Kartik comes to the isolated place. Lights flicker. Naira comes. He asks what do you mean by we need to talk, tell me.
She says I m confused, I have thought of it, I can’t forgive you. He starts leaving. She hugs him. She says because its my mistake too, how can I forgive you. She cries. He holds her hands. She says I m really sorry. The lights come. He looks around. She says I had to support Shubham, he was weak, he needed support, I did wrong to hide it from you, I could have told you, I tried to become Good Bhabhi and didn’t become a good life partner, sorry, don’t know how did you face your questions, why I did this, I blamed you for not trusting me, I didn’t trust you, your anger is justified, when I was waiting for you, I got hurt, I didn’t tell you and thought you don’t care, you won’t come, I got hurt and sat annoyed, how could I forget that love doesn’t have such annoyance, we both were wrong, Suwarna lost her son, we should have managed her and family, but we broke the family, we did mistake, you expected me to realize mistake, I should have not been stubborn, we don’t differentiate between ego and self respect, I couldn’t be a good life partner, if you angrily kicked me out of the house, I should have thought you are angry and upset and you need me, I ran to Mumbai to stay away, I didn’t think to try and patch up, you came to Mumbai, I got a chance, but I spoiled things and got divorce papers, why, whose happiness was I seeing that time, everyone was seeing our love, why were we ignoring, I didn’t take case back, I knew it was wrong, even then I thought you may take case back, I didn’t understand that this relation needs to join. They cry.
Devyaani says Naira didn’t tell anyone before going out. Rajshri says she informed me. Devyaani goes. Rajshri says why did I lie, I know where Naira has gone even if she didn’t tell me anything. Naira says I m a fool to try to get peace by getting separated, why didn’t I think that I can’t turn away from life, its my mistake. He hugs her and says no, I was wrong, its my mistake. She says no. He says no, its my mistake. She says its my mistake. He says no, its not your mistake, you are my love, love can’t be wrong, person gets better in love, I m a fool. She jokes and says you can’t be a donkey, you are a frog. He says you are my tigress. They smile and wipe each other’s tears.
Rahatein….plays…. Naira says I love you Kartik. Kartik says I love you Naira. They hug and confess love again. He lifts her.
Manish asks Akhilesh to stop the car. He sees Kartik and Naira. Kartik says we shall give this good news to family, come.
Update Credit to: Amena

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