Naagin3 8th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Bela saves Anu. Family brings her home. Andy tells Mittal that Anu is safe. Boltu discusses how did Anu escape death, it is a miracle. Vish angrily looks at Bela and walks away signalling her and telling Shaan that she will return after a phone call. She walks to haveli. Bela follows her. She asks Bela why did she save Anu and became savior. Bela says they will not kill innocent people and only culprits. Vish continues confronting her and says Anu tried to expose her with doctor’s help, but she saved her, she will never take revenge and forgot Vikranth in Mahir’s love. Bela shouts to shut up. Vish asks why should she. Bela becomes nagin attacks her. Vishu also becomes naagin. Their fight starts. Storm starts and earth starts shaking. Family thinks it is usual storm.

Mahir says Bela is missing. Andy says not now.. Shaan says even Vish went out to make a call. They both leave to search them. Bela and Vish’s fight continues. Shaan and Mahir enter haveli. Bela and Vish get back to human form. Storm stops. Shaan asks Vish if she is fine, he was worried. Vish says Bela doubts that he does not love her. Bela says she is worried about Anu. Shaan says he loves Vish and Anu got misundestanding, now there should be any confusion hereon. They both leave. Bela tells Mahir that Anu is really in a bad condition as she is heart broken, she knows how it is when heart breaks. Mahir shares his emotional bonding. They reminisce their wedding and romantic moments. Bela gets conscious and says let us. They leave haveli. Few weird women are seen who discuss that day is tomorrow.

Next morning, Bela wakes up and does not find Mahir. She sees Mahir’s note where he addresses her as Mrs. Bela Sehgal and asks to have her favorite breakfast paranthas and mango pickle with lots of hing/asafoteda as she likes. She checks breakfast and finds another note. He then while driving car calls her and asks to enjoy breakfast. She says he did not reply to her question. He says he is questioning her instead. Their conversation continues when Andy walks in opening door and asks where is Mahir. Mahir hears that and asks Bela to inform dad that all info is in laptop. Bela informs same. Andy checks laptop, says perfect, then warns Bela not to mess up with Vish as Shaan is his only biggest investor now and if he backs off, his project will halt. Once he leaves, Bela checks laptop and finds project details and Shaan’s info that he was in London 4 hours ago, realizes one who is here is an imposter. She walks to Vish’s room and informs her that Shaan is an imposter and real one has not come at all. Vish says he knows and Shaan is an architect and borrowed identity from real Shaan with his permission, else Sehga;s would not have let him in at all. Bela says he is misleading even her and is a big fraud, she will expose his identity to whole family and calls Shaan. Vish says he is not here.
A woman holding a box walks into haveli. Shaan walks behind her. His real identity is revealed that he is snake charmer. He plays flute/been. Vish walks in and calling him Shahnawaz asks if he called her. He smiles and says he has hypnotized her and reminisces the incident where hypnotizes her with been sound. She walks to him calling aaqa/boss and says she is under his control now. His maid asks who is she. He says she is important link who will get him nagrani. He plays been again. Bela hears sound and thinks it is been sound, why can’t she think…she walks towards haveli. A tantrik busy in pooja hears been and says Shahnawaz is most powerful snake charmer from Markesh and can hypnotize anyone, even nagrani. He prays Shivji to not let nagrani get into his trap. Bela walks into haveli and sees Shaan and not Shahnawaz, angrily asks what is he doing here, she was searching him, she knows he is. He says he is an architect, Vish told him everything.. Bela says he is a fraud and is lying, he is not even architect. Vish asks to stop doubting Shaaan and leaves. Shaan says Bela that she is worried about her friend, but he loves her she need not worry, he even even she lied, what is her identity. Bela stands tensed. He walks out smirking and gets into car. Bela stops car. Vish says they are going on a trekking date and will return to hotel in some time. Shaans winks at her and leaves.
Andy discuss about throwing party. Bulto and others say his parties are always rocking. Sumitra says Mahir and Bela did not return yet. Mahir and Bela enter followed by Vish and Shaan. Sumitra taunts Mahir if he was practicing for honeymoon tomorrow. He asks what…She reminds tomorrow he and Bela are going on honeymoon trip. Andy throws party for Vish and Shaan. Anu gets jealous, walks to Paulomi and asks if she will help her get back Shaan. Paulomi starts her jokergiri but agrees. Bela walks to kitchen and prepares food reminiscing confronting Shaan and Shaan laughing on her, etc.. Sumitra walks in and asks what is she cooking, even she gets sometimes engrasped in thoughts and chats with her. She then asks her to go to her room, Mahir must be waitingn fo her. Bela walks to her room and sees it wet. Mahir walks in. She asks why is the floor wet. He reminds her of the incident where they fell from cliff into water, then went into a hut and their romance, etc. Bela excitedly says it is same hut set up. He says everything in this room remindss her of hut and shows her fake fire. She asks if she can warm her hands on it… Their romance starts..
Precap: Mahir gets angry on Bela and confronts she get him near her whenshe wants and pushes him away when she does not want, even he is a human being. Shaan tells Bela that something she has forgotten,this black night teaches them a lot. He hypnotizes Anu, Paulo, Bela, Sumitra, etc..
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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