Bepannah 13th September 2018 Episode Written Update

The episode starts with Wasim handing the ring to Adi..meant for Arshad. Zoya feels upset in her room n weeps.. she tries to convince herself she was not affected by Adi. He appears at the door and says she was lying to herself as well as to him. Zoya gets annoyed with him for entering her room again. She is walking out in anger when he grabs her, shuts the door and pins her to cupboard, he asks her if she was ready to put the ring in Arshad’s finger? That finger has a vein straight to the heart, did she know what that meant? Adi tries to convince her about her feelings for Adi, that she was doing mistake. He forces her to look into his eyes. Adya have eye lock…BG romantic tune plays… Adi grabs her hand tightly…
In the hall, Qazi sahab takes leave. Arshad’s parents

too leave. They look for Zoya but she is not to be seen. Noor suggests she will get Di from her room. Arshad’s mother points Aditya too was missing. Noor gets idea… Roshna goes to look for them. Arshad’s mom wants to accompany her. They reach Zoya’s room…bang the locked door.

In the room Adya are locked in each other’s gaze…Zoya tells him she found nothing in his eyes. Adi tightens his grip, both start bleeding from palm and asks her to see his love for her..just as he could see love in her eyes.. Zoya struggles as her palm hurts n bleeds.
People knock on her door… Zoya rushes to open… Arshad’s mother is annoyed n angry Zoya was locked up in the room with that guy? And Arshad was going to marry this kind of a girl? Wasim asks Zoya how dare she do all this? Wasim notices she was badly injured n bleeding. Arshad’s mother says she was hurt on her ring finger..on the day of engagement? This was bad shagun. Adi declares he too was hurt on the same finger. He says this was good omen for them both. Wasim is annoyed, Arshad’s mother is angry. Adi stares at the engagement ring that was covered with blood of Adya. He does first aid for her. Arshad’s mother is skeptical about Zoya and Arshad’s rishtaa after witnessing all these scenes. Zoya notices Adi bleeding from finger too. Arshad nods to Noor to get first aid box.
Wasim orders Adi n arjun out. Arshad’s mother claims how will engagement happen now..she had bandage on the finger which was supposed to have ring. Arshad says which finger does not matter, it can be any one. Wasim asks Zoya if she was as committed to this rishtaa as was Arshad? Roshna is troubled. Zoya assures she will do engagement today itself as she wanted to prove she was as committed to Arshad as was he. Wasim tells Adi to arrange engagement today as Zoya agreed to this. Adi declares she agreed, but she will not be able to do this!! Adi walks out.
At hooda house, Anjana has called over Shipra, a match maker, and seeing pictures of girls for Adi. Anjana is worried about his injured finger. She says if Zoya gives him wounds, his mom will heal them all. Shipra asks him to take a look at the girls. Anjana advises him to meet the girls. Adi says he already had a girl and asks Shipra to leave with her things. He is not interested in girls. He advises his mom that if she tries to push him away from Zoya, she will push him away from his mom too. He warns Anjana not to push him so far that he can not return. Shipra is annoyed with Adi n Anjana, warns Anjana that Adi has gone out of her hands.
Noor comes to Di and asks her not to be in hurry, she should realize her true feelings. She was not looking happy, she was looking scared. Zoya is left pondering. She remembers Adi asking her to realize what she felt in her heart.
Roshna comes to Zoya and assures she really wanted to go ahead, asks her to get ready.
In his room Arshad is having doubts about his engagement to Zoya. His mom gives him shervani for engagement. She asks if he was sure he wanted to marry that girl? She could not ignore what they saw today. Arshad says whatever was happening was not Zoya’s fault. He assures he would get ready.
Arjun tells Adi that Zoya would come to him if she truly loved him. She should not make a joke with her life. Adi says how he was trying to make her understand that destiny wanted them to be together. Adi is sure Zoya loved him bepannah and wants to live the rest of his life with her in… bepannah pyaar
Zoya is ready in golden lehenga choli, she is sitting before the mirror remembering Adi’s words.. how he confessed his love for her, how she had slapped him, how he vouched he will not let her make wrong decision again in her life, she was already heart broken with her previous wrong decision. Zoya stares at her bandaged ring finger. And remembers that scene when Adi injured her finger with Arshad’s ring forcibly by pinning her to the wall. She remembers Adi’s questions. It doesn’t affect her?
Adya are thinking of each other in their rooms.
Precap: At engagement, Zoya slips ring on his finger . With teary eyes, she tells Arshad that destiny brought Adi to her so that she could meet Arshad. Adi screams that in her previous marriage there was friendship not love. In Adya relationship, there was love n friendship both. She was making mistake by marrying Arshad. He screams as Arshad, Zoya walk hand in hand towards Arshad’s cabin in the hospital.
Update Credit to: Sutapasima


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