Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 13th September 2018 Episode Written Update

Naina is practicing her speech. Sameer comes and asks if she’s nervous. She says, she was, but not anymore as he’s there now. She forgets her diary in classroom. Swati comes and reads it. She says so these are her topics. She takes diary and then is in dilemma what to do as she recalls her friendship and bitterness with Naina. She takes it and gives it to Sunaina. Kartik says it will be fun when Sunaina talks about same agendas as Naina. Swati requests her not to talk on all 3 same topics else Sameer and Naina will doubt her. Sunaina says she will only talk on Hindi language classes.
Rakesh gives money to selector and requests him to select Arjun for cricket. Selector takes money and tells him to think his work is done. Arjun is tensed.
Everyone is waiting for

Sunaina. She comes in new hair style and everyone is stunned. All guys, girls, and even teachers can’t take eyes off her. Pandit says all guys are going to vote her for sure. Sunaina and Naina go on the stage. Sunaina is called first to share her agendas. She gives speech saying she is not prime minister so she doesn’t know how to give speeches. But one thing she knows how to do is fulfill her promises. She shares her agendas. First, she will arrange 2 trips every year, so they can learn more about their country. Second, she will fight for girl’s freedom, so they can wear anything in college and can do anything. She then speaks a poem from Naina’s speech. Naina is stunned. Preeti tells Sameer, that poem is from Naina’s speech. Sameer understands this was Swati’s job as he recalls Sunaina and Swati talking to each other. Sunaina gives her last agenda which was Naina’s idea – arranging exam papers in Hindi for those students who went to Hindi school. Naina realizes she forgot her diary in classroom. JBR praises Sunaina for her speech. Now it’s Naina’s turn. She looks very nervous. Sameer wishes her all the best with gestures.

Naina starts her speech with a poem which means don’t cheat / hurt others even if they cheat / hurt you. She says she doesn’t know how to make false promises, but if they choose her, then she will try her best to make their college in drama competition which they have unable to since long. She then says, some time ago, Sunaina talked about girl freedom. She disagrees with it. She thinks girls will get real freedom when they study hard and become independent. She promises to make girls’ sports team if she is chosen as GS. Sunaina and gang are getting nervous and angry. Naina shares her last agenda. She tells Sunaina that Hindi school students don’t require special treatment. Instead, Hindi school students should be given English classes. Teachers are impressed.
After teachers leave, Naina tells Sunaina she doesn’t know how and when she stole her speech. But when she shared that agenda, she felt she didn’t write it properly and she re-thought about it. Sunaina leaves in anger. Sameer and Naina smile at each other.
Precap: Both gangs try to destroy each others’ vote appeal posters.
Update Credit to: Simmy


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