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Bepannah 19th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Aditya starts driving. Zoya tells him he isn’t doing the right thing. He tells her she is on wrong track. I tried to make you understand but you are hell bent upon ruining your life! You are marrying someone you don’t love! She points out that he is forcing her to do something here. He tells her he has no other choice. She requests him to stop the car but he refuses. She pulls the hand break and the car meets with an accident.
Noor and Roshnaq are counting the jewellery to give to Zoya. Wasim decides to check on Zoya but Roshnaq offers to go instead. She wanted to talk about lehenga fitting. Wasim sits with Noor while Roshnaq heads upstairs.
Roshnaq does not find Zoya in her room. Zoya’s phone is on the bed. Where is Zoya? Did Aditya? What if Wasim finds out? She comes out

of the room and finds herself facing Wasim. He asks about Zoya. Roshnaq lies that she is sleeping. Wasim wants to say goodnight. Roshnaq tells him not to go inside. Let her sleep. She is tired. Wasim leaves.

Aditya calls Zoya mad. Why did you pull the hand break when the car was in speed? She does not mind it. it would have been better if I died instead of all this. He says it means you would prefer to die rather than be with me. I thought you! In fact I was sure. She tries to explain but he is in a shock. I was mistaken. You were right and so was Arshad. He does not let her talk. I am not a stalker. I only said you cannot force someone to love. How can I trouble you? I only want to see you happy. Promise me you will be happy, on the day of your wedding, at every point of life. I wont trouble you anymore. I am sorry but please promise me you will stay happy. Zoya is in tears. Roshnaq slaps Aditya just then. I cannot believe that I always wished Zoya chooses you over Arshad. I thought no one else can love Zoya more than Aditya as she is always happy when you are around. She becomes lively. This is what I used to think. You proved me wrong today by kidnapping Zoya like this! You dint think about our family’s respect or about Zoya’s dignity. Because of your selfishness, you dint think how much we would be insulted. I am also Zoya’s mother. I am emotional like her. I should have understood it long ago that Arshad is the right choice for Zoya and not you! She takes Zoya with her. Aditya stands there too stunned to even move.
Aditya comes home. Zoya and Roshnaq’s words echo in his head. He turns but then stops. How to make myself realise I have to learn to live without you? He closes the main door from inside and thinks of what happened in mehendi today. Arjun is concerned seeing his brother all emotional. What happened? Harsh comes downstairs as well. Aditya tells him Zoya is happy. what else do I want? Arjun asks him what he wants. Aditya replies that it does not matter anymore.
In his room, Arjun hopes Bhai is fine once this storm passes. Harsh comes to his room to talk to him. What’s going on between Aditya and Zoya? He is too sure of his love whereas Zoya is counting days to her wedding. Who is being honest here? Arjun says Zoya is the unlucky person here. She comes running the moment she hears that Bhai is hurt. She hasn’t realised it herself yet. Harsh asks her why she is afraid then. Arjun says maybe she is scared over what happened in the past. She is trying to push herself away from Bhai unknowingly. She does not know she may distance herself but she will always love Bhai only.
Next morning, Arjun comes to his brother’s room. Aditya wipes his tears and asks him to come in. Arjun finds him mixing haldi. What are you doing? Aditya says how the bride will shine if haldi isn’t applied. Arjun asks him why he is doing this. Aditya says I have troubled her so much. I can do something right now. Will you give it to her please? Arjun nods. Aditya adds some rose petals and hands him the bowl. Arjun is pained to see his brother in pain but does not say anything. Aditya avoids looking him the eye. The function is today. Go. He wipes his tears. Make sure everything happens properly. Title track plays. All their past meetings flash in the background. Aditya is in tears.
Zosh events crew is making preps. Roshnaq asks Noor to check upon Zoya. Noor goes. Arjun stops Noor trying to talk to her but she begins to go away. He requests her to listen to him. She tells him he has never tried to listen to her or tried to understand her. He reasons that not everything is about them. I came to talk about Bhai and Zoya. She wont listen to me but you can talk to her. He goes quiet seeing Wasim there. Wasim sends Noor to Zoya’s room. He turns to Arjun. Your brother stopped coming here so you are on the job now. You think you will succeed in giving Zoya your brother’s message? Arjun denies but Wasim doubts his intentions. Things wont work your way this time. Understand this well. Zoya will marry Arshad only!
Anjana asks Aditya where he is off to. He expresses a wish to stay alone for a few days. She tells him not to do so because of Zoya again. Harsh asks him if there is no other way. Aditya tells him he wont be able to bear the truth this time. Harsh rues he cannot do anything for his son. Aditya reasons that law does not work when it comes to love. Harsh offers to make Wasim understand but Aditya denies. It isn’t time to beg, request or explain anymore. Now destiny will unfold. I think our timing was bad. First, I found her late and now it is too late! He tries to hide his tears.
Zoya thinks of Aditya’s words. She looks at herself in the mirror and pretends to smile but fails miserably. She looks away.
Aditya apologizes to Anjana for going away again. I dint want to hide it from you this time but it is important to go. I hope you understand. She nods. Don’t go like last time though. Keep in touch. He hugs her and his father. I am going away from you for forever hoping you would be happy.
Zoya thinks I was marrying Arshad willingly but why can’t I be happy.
Precap: Aditya applies haldi to Zoya. She is teary eyed. Sad version of Kal Ho Na Ho plays in the background.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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