Kaleerein 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update


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Sunny takes out Meera’s torn sari piece from his watch and says good her husband herself let her in this room and even locked door, if she is ready to spend night in his arm now. She picks trishul and walks towards him angrily. He taunts if she is participating in fancy dress competition. Sh attacks him with trishul. He is shocked and asks if she has gone mad. She continues attacking him. He falls down. She runs away. He thinks where did this mad woman go and finds her bangles on floor. Meera enters Sunny’s room, finds bomb remote and breaks it into pieces. She then runs to Vivan’s room. Sunny searches her on road.
Meeera reaches Vivan’s room and sees I am sorry with flowers on bed. She gets happy and searches him in whole house. Vivan is on terrace venting out his anger on punching bag. Meera asks servants if they saw Vivan. Someone says he is on terrace. She walks to him and seeing him punching bag with bare hands stops him and asks what is he doing. He says he loves her a lot and trusted her so much, then how can she spend night with Sunny and betray him. She asks to ask his heart if she can betray him, she is always loyal to him. Sunny reaches there and pulls cable under Vivan’s feet. Vivan falls, but Meera holds his hand and saves him, asks if he is fine. He says yes and continues confronting her. Meera sees Sunny speaking to someone wearing hooded jacket and runs from there to check.
Vivan angrily walks his room and spoils flowers on bed shouting how can Meera betray her. Meera on the other side follows hooded jacket man and thinks he wants to trouble Vivan, she will teach him a lesson.
Precap: Vivan asks Meera to undergo virginity test and prove that she did not lose her virginity to Sunny.
Update Credit to: MA

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