Kaleerein | Meera Ke Vivan ki Mout | SBD | 20th Sep 18


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Vivaan and Meera have a confrontation. He gets hurting her with his numerous doubts. She asks him to listen to the truth before deciding anything. He asks her why did she go to Sunny. She tells him that she will tell him everything since the start. He asks her to just shut up and answer what he has asked. She tells him that she will tell him everything, how Sunny was blackmailing her and why she was compelled to obey him. Vivaan shoots in anger. Meera faces his rage for the first time. She asks him how does he claim to love her, when there is no trust between them. Sunny succeeds to break them by instilling doubt in their relation. Sunny enjoys angering Vivaan and making him turn bitter towards Meera.
Vivaan asks Meera to give a purity test to prove her truth. Vivaan and Meera get distant because of Sunny’s cheap tactics. Vivaan and Meera make a plan and mock a fight to fool Sunny. He says you always cry and fool me.
She tells him that she isn’t fooling him, but protecting him, whatever she has done is for him. Sunny watches their fight and gets happy. Vivaan and Meera get into a heated argument. She tells him that she hates him. Vivaan slaps her. She hurts him for slapping her. Vivaan falls back and gets injured. Meera worries for him. Vivaan says I hate you and loses breath. He acts dead. Sunny can’t let Vivaan die so easily. He gets angry and asks Vivaan to get up. Sunny finds Vivaan unconscious and admits all his crimes. Meera brings Sunny’s truth out. Vivaan wants Sunny to land behind bars and pay for his evil crimes. What will Sunny do knowing their drama to expose him? 

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