Kaleerein 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update


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Vivan angrily looks at Sunny. Sunny says what he can do if Vivan’s wife is interested in him, even Bhabhi has her own desires and needs, mistakes happen by human. Vivan angrily trashes Sunny. Meera stops him. Vivan angrily leaves to his room. Meera enters. He asks why she came now, she would have been with Sunny itself. Their argument continues. Vivan angrily leaves. Dolly cries her daughter has to bear so much. Amar stands silently watching drama
Sunny sits in home garden enjoying fruits and waiting for Vivan’s reaction. Vivan enters. Their argument starts. Sunny provokes him to control his wife than beating him. Vivan trashes him Vamily interferes. Sweety asks if Vivan cannot keep Meera happy that she is taking Sunny’s help. Vivan continues trashing Sunny. Sunny asks why don’t he clear his doubt by getting his wife tested, medical science will give him an answer to his question.
Vivan walks to Meera and starts his argument, gives her papers. She asks what is this. He says she has to undergo virginity test and prove herself. Meera argues and does not agree. Their argument continues.
Precap Sunny sets fire around Meera and says let us see if her Ram will save her. Meer says Vivan will save her at any cost. Vivan reaches there. Sunny blast gas cylinder and says he will end their love story.
Update Credit to: MA

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