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Silsila | Kunal Pahucha Aspatal | SBD |


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Kunal gets fed up with the situation. He can’t handle Mauli’s sorrow and Nandini’s expectations. He wants to apologize to Mauli. He is repenting as well. He thinks he has committed to Nandini, and can’t leave her midway. He also remembers his marriage vows given to Mauli and wonders how to do justice with her. He feels he is doing injustice with them. He can’t give surety to them over his commitments. He can’t leave Nandini suddenly. He feels Nandini’s pain. He also realizes Mauli’s pain because of his deceive. He goes crazy in his dilemma, and drives away from home. Kunal meets with an accident. Nandini rushes him to hospital. Mauli learns the news and comes to see Kunal. She finds Nandini with Kunal, and goes away. Mauli realizes Nandini’s concern and love for Kunal.
Nandini gets mad seeing Kunal’s unconscious state. She begs doctor to treat Kunal. She asks doctor not to hide anything from her, what happened to Kunal, why isn’t he responding. She asks him to save Kunal some how. She cries for Kunal. Mauli can’t tolerate Nandini’s love for Kunal.
She thinks Nandini has taken her place in Kunal’s life. She gets shattering. Doctor tells Nandini that Kunal will get conscious on some time, he will call her in ward later. Nandini tells him that she will be with Kunal and not go anywhere. She asks him to take her blood if needed, nothing should happen to Kunal. She tells him that Kunal is too precious for her, he means a world to him, she can’t lose him. She shows her rights on Kunal. She can’t live without Kunal. Kunal gets conscious after some time. Nandini gets a big relief. Nurse thinks Nandini is Kunal’s wife and gives the papers.
Mauli gets upset on seeing this. She watches Kunal going away from her. Mauli sheds tears. Nandini takes Kunal home. She takes care of Kunal. When he learns about Rajdeep’s insulting move, he hugs Nandini and calms her. She worries for her self respect. She gets scared and shattered by the society’s taunts.

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