Kaleerein 24th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Vivan insists Meera to undergo virginity test. Meera says she will not undergo any test. Vivan says she has to any cost. She says so that he can blame her if she loses and forgive her and become great if she wins, he should learn husband’s responsibilities first and learn to trust his wife. She walks away. Sunny stops her and flirts. She slaps him and warns to move aside. He continues flirting. She scrapes his face and punches him and says woman can use nails for beauty and also to scratch loafers like him. He stands afraid.
Meera then walks to home temple and cries. Vivan walks to her and yells nobody is here that she is acting here, she betrayed him for Sunny. He holds her tightly and continues. She senses him being inebriated and asks him to leave her. He does not. She angrily pushes him. He falls on chair and collapses. She checks him and does not find pulse, cries to get up. Sunny sees that, runs to Vivan, and shakes him. He panics and shouts that his mother always loved Vivan more than him and came to India behind Vivan and died here, he wants to kill Vivan and nobody else. He drags Meera alleging her. H then pulls out knife, throws it on chandelier’s rope and cuts it. Chandelier slips down. Vivan holds rope. Meera runs and hugs him. Vivan leaves rope. Sunny escapes and chandelier falls down.
Vivan reminisces reading Meera’s note behind his blazer that she is doing all this to save him from Sunny. He pulls Sunn up and says he was making drama and trusts Meera a lot. He confronts that being a brother, he killed his mother and his sister’s condition is bad because of him. He punches and says this is for troubling Meera. Meera slaps him next for troubling Vivan. Sunny falls down and pulls electric wire under Vivan’s feet. Vivan gets electroducted. Sunny catches Meera and drags her from there saying even Ram cannot save her. He throws her in car and leavs. Vivan runs behind car. Sunny takes Meera into a godown and sayss nobody can save her now, not even god. Meera says Vivan will come to save her. He sets fire around her and says it is her lakshman rekha.
Precap: Vivan reaches godown to save Meera. Sunny blasts cylinder quoting he will not let their love story complete.
Update Credit to: MA

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