Bepannah 26th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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Zoya waits at the door and asks wasim to forgive her. Aditya tells her to come home as Wasim won’t listen now. Zoya says that Anjana does not like other’s even see her. Aditya says his parents were about to talk to Wasim about the marriage, and they will accept her. Aditya takes Zoya and leaves. Arjun drops a glass. He asks housekeeping to clean it. Wasim says that house is broken. Roshnak says she is worried for Zoya as Anjana dislikes her. She thinks how Zoya will stay with her taunts. Arjun promises to take care of Zoya and asks her to believe that Aditya will always support Zoya. Noor asks roshnak to trust Aditya. Aditya gives Zoya a tissue. He wishes for zoya’s smile. Zoya asks what he wished he says that he will say as it  comes true. 

Zoya smiles he says one wish has come true. Wasim locks himself. Roshnak and Noor ask him to open. He tells he is fine and won’t worry for Zoya anymore. He removes her photos from the room. Anjana welcomes Aditya she brings aarti. She asks if Zoya is married. He calls Zoya and holds her hand. Anjana gets shocked seeing them. Aditya says he brought Zoya to Hooda house. Anjana tells that she trapped him into all these. She says he was so much hurt because of her. Aditya takes zoya’s side and says it’s already late as they realized their love. Zoya says to Anjana that she loves him truly as much as he loves her. Anjana says her to stop the drama. Aditya says if she thinks it’s a fault, they both are wrong. Aditya says that Zoya never hurt anyone. Anjana says that she hurt Arshad as she left him and went. Aditya says she left him for him as she loves him. 
Precap : Anjana takes her bags to leave, Aditya stops her. He says he will do anything she wants, she asks if he’s sure and tells him to sent Zoya away.

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