Tu Aashiqui : Pankti Traps Rangoli !!


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Poorva learns that Rangoli has blackmailed Pankti and made her away from Ahaan. She meets Ahaan and tells him that Pankti is surely stuck in some problem.

 Ahaan and Aparna really feel that Pankti is hiding some big matter from them. Ahaan tries to get free from his rising suspicions. 

Ahaan tells Poorva that he also couldn’t believe Pankti’s cheat to this extent. He knows Pankti can never deceive him. 

Rangoli makes a plan to make Pankti fall in Ahaan’s eyes. Rangoli wants to get close to Ahaan. Pankti traps Rangoli in her own plan. 

Pankti takes help from Randhir and becomes the new face of JMD music company to shock Rangoli. 

She defames Rangoli so that Rangoli angrily blurts out the truth herself. Pankti wants to handle Rangoli alone. Pankti will save her relationship with Ahaan.

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