Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Manish says we should stop Kartik and Ashi. Suwarna says decision can’t be change. Manish says please stop this marriage. Kartik says no, this marriage won’t stop, the date is fixed, Naira said she will come in my marriage, now she has to come, she likes to lecture, I will see how she does move on. Kartik and Naira stay sad and say its marriage today. He sees his sherwani and gets dressed. She sees her reports and gets ready. She takes her pill. Yeh rishta….plays…. He says everything will be fine. She says its tough, but it will happen. Bhabhimaa says I gave you ashram Vibhuti, did you keep it in purse. Naira says you didn’t give me. She checks and finds it in purse. Devyaani asks is it time for flight. Naira says no, shall we go in marriage.

Naksh asks is it imp. Naira says yes. Devyaani says what’s the need to go, let him think anything. Naksh says yes, why are you troubling yourself.

Naitik says you won’t go. Naira says but I told him I will come. Naitik asks her not to be stubborn. He says we are just going to airport. Suwarna welcomes guests. Kartik says she will come, else I will get her and ask her to see my marriage. Pandit says shubh mahurat has started. Naira comes there with everyone. She says I told you I will come. He asks is there anything else to say. She asks where is Ashi, I got something for her. She goes and gifts Ashi. She hugs Ashi. Kartik shouts mum, tie my sehra. He goes and sits. Dadi does his tilak. Kirti and Suwarna help him. Manish ties the pagdi. Suwarna makes him wear sehra. Naira looks on. He takes Ashi along and goes to mandap. Suwarna asks Naira to think again. Naira sees the marriage rituals and recalls Kartik and her marriage. She cries and goes out. She recalls her marriage vows.
Her inner self asks her if she is doing right, what if Kartik has such illness after marrying her, what would she do, will Kartik and Ashi stay happy, three lives will be ruined, think about it, you are going to hurt them, is this right, answer. Naira shouts no, I can’t let this happen. She runs thinking I made a big mistake. Kartik and Ashi take the wedding rounds. Everyone looks on. He fills sindoor. Naira shouts Kartik, stop…… She gets shocked and says Kartik’s marriage…. She gets dizzy and falls unconscious. Naira wakes up and sees the hospital. She sees everyone. She asks did Kartik’s marriage happen. Kartik comes.
Kartik says I got married, won’t you wish me all the best. He calls Ashi there.
Update Credit to: Amena

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