Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 1st October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Mauli slips while the dance and fells into Kunal’s arms. Nandini had come looking for the two and finds them into each other’s arms. Tears fill her eyes as she recalls Kunal’s promise to stay by her side. The crowd cheers for Kunal and Mauli. People at society complement their couple as mature and respectable, they love each other for years now.
Chakor comes to Nandini and tells Nandini she will only be kicked off in the path she has chosen for herself. She introduces herself as Chakor, Mauli’s friend. She says she recognized Nandini’s intentions the day she had seen her with Kunal then. Nandini was nervous and wipes her sweat beads. Chakor agrees that only a single person can’t be blamed here, but a house is breaking today. It’s the person who holds Nandini very special

in her life. Loving someone isn’t a sin, but claiming someone else’s love is. This family is scattering today, lives of three people will ruin because of them two. She accepts that Nandini has suffered a lot in life, but she will have to leave Kunal and give his marriage with Mauli a chance.
Sweety stops Mauli and says she felt happy watching Kunal and Mauli together. She wonders what kind of friend Nandini was to Mauli that she spoilt her married life. She wonder how Kunal could betray Mauli, and even more shocked to see Mauli who has forgiven Kunal so easily. Mauli forbids Sweety to interfere in her personal matters.
Tara stops Mauli in the way. She says when she lost her husband, and her friend has turned as the third person in her domestic life. Mauli is really shameless, she was enjoying a dance with her betrayer husband. Is she some domestically weak wife who remains a slave to their husbands, or wish to show off to the world how happy they are. Mauli replies she doesn’t want discussion with Tara about her personal life. Tara asks Mauli why she wants to avoid this discussion, is this talk bitter? She says its women like Mauli who ruin women’s reputation and status in the society. Mauli questions who is Tara to give her advice about societal values, Tara was the one who cheated in dance competition against Nandini.
Nandini returns home crying. She thinks about Chakor’s questions, and thinks she can’t live without Kunal. It’s like cease one’s breathe.
There, Mauli cries hugging Chakor. Chakor asks Mauli to become strong. Mauli questions what’s being strong. If she must be strong for Mamma and Dida and forget about herself, or be strong for herself and wipe her household. She wanted to bring happiness to Kunal, he instead left her altogether. She is unable to diagnose her disease, how can she treat her ailment or explain her pain to anyone. If it was true love in the past seven years, how could it vanish in a while? And if it wasn’t love, was it only her illusion?
Nandini cries saying she isn’t falling in love with Kunal only, she is losing her own self for him.
Chakor promises to stay by Mauli in any decision of her life. She takes a leave from Mauli after a hug and gifts Mauli and idol.
Dida prays to Goddess to save her house and love to her children. The aarti begin. Everyone take their turns. Kunal spots a flame being thrown at Mauli’s dress which catches fire. He runs to save Mauli, Mamma and Mauli had already seen the fire. He puts the fire off and questions Virat for putting Mauli’s dress on fire. Tara defends her brother and questions how dare Kunal blames her brother. It’s actually Mauli’s mistake, she couldn’t realize her husband was betraying her in her own house.

PRECAP: Nandini had called the Pandit’s at home and was waiting for Kunal. Kunal was with Mauli at home where she served the Brahman’s. A young boy asks for Channa, Mauli calls Kunal as Jaana and asks for the bowl. Both look at each other in shock.
Update Credit to: Sona
Pic Credit: OU

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