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Ishqbaaz: Shivay Exposes Mohit !


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Shivay catches hold of Nancy and learns the real mastermind behind the murder conspiracy. He realizes Mohit is the person who trapped him in an unthinkable way. He gets too depressed and feels he has failed as a friend, though Mohit has turned his friendship down. Mohit presents his magic show and tells everyone about his special trick, through which he will disappear right in front of them. Mohit plans to escape from the venue and leave for the airport to catch his flight. He wants to enjoy his new life with plenty of money, left by his wife. He puts Anika in huge danger.
Anika gets close to death. Shivay gets searching for her, when he gets her bracelet in Mohit’s bedroom. He feels Mohit has targeted Anika. Shivay realizes his love for Anika once again, when he feels he will lose Anika forever.
He wants to tell her that he loves her a lot, and also accept her as his wife. He wants to shout out his feelings the moment he meets Anika. Shivay makes it to reach Anika. He saves her life in nick of the time. Shivay and Anika together reach Mohit’s magic show to pull off the curtains down on his magical fraud. Shivay exposes Mohit and Nancy and calls the cops to get them arrested. Mohit’s chapter reaches an end. Will Shivay make a love confession and give Anika his wife’s rights? 

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