Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2nd October 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with lawyer giving the notice to Prerna and leaving. Nivedita shouts on manager after knowing the expenses of pandal. She goes to Rajesh and questions him about over expenditure. He says money got saved, Moloy had sanctioned 1.5 crores for pandal, but just one crore was spent, you can fire me from job if you want. She argues. Prerna reads the notice of vacating the house. She gets shocked. Nivedita calls Moloy and says how can Rajesh spend money by his wish, he is threatening that he will leave the job. Moloy asks her to shut up, half of the pandal was new, if we did this, we would have spent over 2 crores, learn manners from him, he is like your dad, go and say sorry to him. She agrees. She goes to Rajesh and says dad will come back and talk to you, I have forgiven you

this time, next time be careful. Prerna recalls Rajesh scolding the builder and saying the house is his parents’ blessing, he will never sell it.

Mohini says how dare she reject you, I can never forget my insult, I will ruin them and get them on road. Prerna runs to Mohini. Mohini asks Navin to wait and watch. Anurag is also on the way. He sees Prerna running on the road. He stops the car. He gets his friend’s call. He says I m not at home, Prerna has my notes. His friend asks what’s happening between you two, you risked life for her. Anurag says she is Rajesh’s daughter, I would have saved you too, I will pick notes from her house, you can take it from me. Prerna comes and asks what’s this Kakimaa, its impossible to repay it in one day.
Mohini says we gave you enough time, Rajesh realized we are strangers, I came with Navin’s proposal to your house, Veena showed me the door and insulted me, I m worry, I m helpless, now just you can save your family from coming on road. Prerna says I understood, where is Navin, I want to talk. Mohini says he went to Howrah. Prerna leaves. Veena says I got angry on Prerna. She asks Suman. Suman says she was here just now. Prerna comes to Navin and asks do you like me. He says yes. She asks do you want to marry me. He says so I got marriage proposal to your house. She asks can you make all my problems away. He says if you are mine, all your problems end. She says fine, I will give my life to you. He holds her hands. She cries.
He says I promise you, I will make your life really good, your house, loan, financial conditions, I understand, all problems will end, I m a businessman, I don’t make deals just by talk, you have to fulfill a ritual first, you have less time. She says I will try, but you…. He says I can’t help you if the time passes. She says I will do the ritual tomorrow, will you forget your promise. He says never, you are going to become my wife, I don’t want to lose you, I will drop you home, its your first marriage, everything should be special. She says I want to stay here for some time.
He says fine, lets meet tomorrow night. He goes smiling. She cries and thinks this is most shameful and tough decision of my life, what if heart breaks, house won’t break. Anurag passes by in the boat. A coin falls down on the boat. Anurag picks it and says what wish shall I make. He thinks I will try my luck, what magic does universe show. He prays that something happens which is not possible. Prerna’s dupatta gets stuck. She frees it and thinks maybe someone asked for wish, fulfill his wish Devi Maa. She leaves. Anurag comes home to ask for his book. Veena asks Suman to get the book. Anurag asks how are you all. Veena says fine. Rajesh comes and says what a surprise. Anurag says yes. Veena asks Rajesh to have food and medicines. Rajesh jokes. Veena asks him to manage small things on time so that they don’t become problems. Suman gets book and gives him. Anurag thanks him.
He thinks everything seems bad, like something bad happened. Prerna comes home and gets hurt by gate. He says sorry, are you hurt, you okay? She says yes, I came to take book, shall I give it in college. She says yes. He leaves. She thinks I m doing this marriage for saving the house, they should think I m marrying by my wish. Veena slaps her and scolds. She asks did anyone threaten you, tell me, don’t be scared. Prerna says its my life, my decision. Rajesh says we won’t believe this, do you think they will get upset with us, so you are ruining your life. Prerna says no, I m making my life, I m lucky to get this proposal, what Navin can give me, you can’t give me. She lies to them. Veena beats her. Rajesh stops her and says she has grown up, don’t beat her. Veena says you said she is your pride, she has slapped us, we have nothing left now. Prerna argues with them. She says I don’t want to think for them now, I have to think for my life now. Rajesh says thanks, we would have cried on your bidaai, you broke our hearts, do what you want, congrats for your marriage. She cries.

Prerna says you would have made me away from heart. She cries. Navin asks Anurag is everything fine at home. Anurag asks why are you asking. He prays that Prerna gets the guy she wants.
Update Credit to: Amena

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