Kaleerein 4th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Dolly prays god to protect Meera and Vivan from any evil happenings. Meera travels in auto to find clue about hat and overcoat. Vivan calls her and asks where is she. She thinks he would get tensed unnecessarily, so lies that she is somewhere around and will reach home in 5 minutes and he should be available at home when she returns. She reaches outside house which she sees in her dreams and walks in thinking there is some link between hat and this house. She imagines girl Paromita (eye donor) meeting wishing happy birthday to her boyfriend and asking him to cut birthday cake. He cuts cake. Bats attack Meera. Meera runs outside shouting and clashes with Vivan and panics that she saw that girl in this house. Vivan scolds her not to think too much and thinks he has to give her so much love that she forgets everything.
Vivan and Meera return home. Dolly asks them to have dinner. She says she will have bath and then will have dinner and goes into her room. She shouts loudly after sometime. Vivan runs in and asks what happened. She shows lizard. Vivan laughs that she is afraid of lizard. She says she can face tiger, but not lizard. He taunts her. She shies. He sees shower running and pins her to shower. She shies.. Their romance starts and they get intimate. A romantic song plays in the background. Next morning, Vivan wakes up and thinks Meera is imagining his past, he should stop her somehow.
Meera returns to dilapadated house and imagines Paromita expressing her love for her boyfriend and insists to marry him. Boyfriend says he does not love her and cannot marry her. Paromita asks whom he loves then. He says he cannot tell her and leaves. She falls down crying. Chandelier falls towards her. Meera shouts noo…
Precap: Vivan enters Meeta’s room at night. Meera shouts. He slits her throat.
Update Credit to: MA

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