Bepannah 8th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Anjana welcome zoya and aditya. They take blessing from her. Then both go and take blessing from Harsh.
Harsh: If time would have been different, welcome would have been much happier. (waqt kuch or hota to tumhra welcome or khushi se hota)
Zoya: we all shall make time good with efforts and we are not similing doesn’t mean we forgot to smile. (hum sab milkar waqt ko behtar banayenge. Hum muskura nhi rehe hai iska matlb hum muskurana bhule to nhi hai)
Wasim bless them both and Arjun hug aditya.
Aditya appologize to vatsal for leaving suddenly and thank him for all help and stop seeing zoya. She is shown removing her jewellary. Bepannha si mohobatt ki hai…🎼🎼 He hug zoya.
Aditya: You set worlds best wife record. No wife hasn’t proved herself this so soon.

I need to say something
Aditya: what?
Zoya : I felt ammi abbu are not only angry😡 but went far too. I don’t know will noor talk even. I don’t want that happen to you. My bad luck should doesn’t hurt you.
Aditya: No its not bad luck, just time is bad. And till we both are togther nothing will happen bad.
They both look at each other through mirror and aditya get romantic. He remove jewellary, free her hair and kiss her eyes. Mere dil ko tere dil ki jarurt hai plays…🎼🎼🎼 Suddenly message beeps (stupid message, but phone should have broken in accident still ok📱) and zoya check message say congrats you married your husband killer🔪. Zoya get tensed. Aditya try to get romantic, new message beeps don’t tell anything to aditya. Zoya remember her vowes that not to hide anything from aditya. She is about to say and light goes. Aditya goes to check.
Message beeps saying told you not say anything, now bear concequences. Zoya think whats happening all this and what does it mean?

Aditya call servent and everyone come out.
Anajana: in old days people use to believe that if new bride come and light goes its called bad omen.
Harsh: anajana, you…
Aditya: thank god we are not in old days. And ask victor to check light problem.
Harsh and aditya smile.🙂 Someone knocks on door.
Zoya send message stating who are you but it doesn’t deliver. Door knocks and aditya goes to open. Zoya get message 📱stating behind door is something dangerous can kill everyone. Zoya runs out of room. Aditya open door and find gift box with tick tick tick sound.
All discuss that it would be marriage gift but this time? Aditya open but zoya come and throw gift asking others to go far. light come and everyone see it was watch.⏰
Arjun pick: zoya why you threw watch?
Anajana: You reacted as if it was bomb or wanted to hide any of your secret.
Victor: it was fuse that went, now its fine.
Harsh: calm down and lets go to sleep. Good night
Aditya closes door🚪 and zoya get new messge stating it was watch⏰ now but be careful and don’t tell anything to aditya otherwise… Zoya get terrified. Anajana watch her. Zoya goes inside her room. Aditya see her restless.
Aditya goes to room but arjun take him out.
Arjun: Bhabhi is not ok, she is hurt too much.
Aditya: ofcourse so much had happen since today, she is scared.
And flash back shows from car accident, fall of bulbs, snake bite, etc.
Arjun: just tell me whenever you need me.
Aditya come back to room and zoya is in deep thought about messages. He break her thoughts.
Aditya: we shall break this silence and talk about bed sides but you already selected, so you sleep that side I shall sleep on other.
Zoya just nods.
Aditya: this room belongs to both of us, so i shall make space for your clothes which we shall bring tomorrow and if you want to redecorate it you can.
Zoya: No, I don’t want. Everything is fine.
Aditya sit infront to her and notice her tension and pain. They both look at each other turn by turn.
Zoya: I am sorry, I shouldn’t have behaved this way. Everyone will think me crazy.
Aditya: I am happy the way you behaved. I like when you care for me.
Zoya: You are the most special person in my life.
Aditya: Did I make any mistake?
Zoya: No, you can’t do any mistake.
Aditya: Thank god, I was scared.
Aditya and zoya think. Zoya remember about messages and say that aditya can’t do anything wrong.
Precap: Aditya try to get romantic with zoya. Zoya ask him to let her go in kitchen. Aditya no, and you are behaving like wife. Anjana say that her friends want to do muhu dikhayi as I brought new bahu, but i denied saying aditya brought new wife. So if new wife give permission we can keep muhu dikhayi.

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