Tu Aashiqui Ends With Ahaan Pankti Wedding THIS Week


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Colors’ Tu Aashiqui (Guroudev Bhalla) will bid adieu to its audience this week!!
The story which started off as a love story between a boy from a rich family and a girl who has been used by her mother as a source of getting money, will have a happy ending!!
As per the ongoing plot, Vikram (Sachin Verma), Aparna (Dolphin Dwivedi) and Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) are playing their game tactfully by trying to create a rift between Randheer (Ankur Nayyar) and Rangoli (Krissann Barretto).
In the episodes to come, Pankti will tactfully get few papers signed from Randheer which will actually make Pankti the sole owner of the entire Dhanrajgir property. However, Rangoli will still be under the impression that she will soon get married to Ahaan (Ritvik Arora).
However, Pankti would have told the truth about Rangoli to Ahaan and would have asked him to get hold of the pen drive with which Rangoli has been blackmailing her.
The climax will happen at the fake wedding that the family would have arranged of Ahaan and Rangoli.
As per sources, “The engrossing climax will see the revelation of Randheer and Rangoli, and the show will end with the wedding of Ahaan and Pankti.”

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