Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Sameer challenges Sunaina’s gang that Navratri function will definitely happen. Sunaina claps and asks who will complete that challenge? him or Naina? Naina says “we”. They will complete challenge together. Swati says they accept the challenge and asks Sunaina to give them 2 days. Kartik objects, but Sunaina gives Naina 2 days. Naina smiles looking at Swati. Naina and her gang tell Sunaina if they win, then Sunaina and her gang will have to put Naina’s posters on walls which they took down and write “Sorry Naina” as well.
Naina and her friends discuss that they challenged, but how they will complete it? Sameer is busy in collecting torn posters’ pieces. Naina sits down and smiles looking at him. Sameer says he can’t see anyone stepping

on Naina’s name. Naina says all that matters to her that her name is written on his heart. Sameer says but it matters to him. Naina says she feels like hugging him. Preeti says then hug him. Sameer stands up and spreads his arms like SRK style. Female narrator says SRK might have copyright on that pose, but she knows he learned from Sameer only. Naina reminds Sameer that principal has asked her to keep girls and guys away. Friends get upset as Naina always spoils romantic moments. They leave. Sameer again spreads his arms. This time, Naina walks to him with a smile, only to turn his hands down. She walks a few steps and then comes back to hug him from back. Sameer is surprised. She says “I love you”. All their friends come back and say “We love you too”. Naina blushes.

Mami shows too much love to Poonam (her daughter-in-law) which surprises her. Mami gives her film tickets as well and asks her to go with Devang in evening to watch movie and eat outside as well.
A peon brings Arjun to his room / cabin. Arjun finds that room low standard. Peon tells him he will write workers names, time they arrive, and make them sign. He reads magazine and finds Shefali’s picture in it. He recalls someone saying Shefali has become a model now.
Naina tells her friends that once they get Navratri function permission, they will get sports team permission as well. Preeti says so much happened and she is still behind sports team. Naina says yes, she has promised students. They think how to convince principal mam. Naina is sneezing and she has fever. Sameer asks Preeti to take Naina home. Naina says she won’t go home. Sameer says they can think tomorrow what to do and manages to convince her.
Male narrator says so much was happening that day and another adventure was still to happen.
Precap: No one is at home. Naina calls Sameer. He asks what if anyone listens. She loudly says that she has loved him, she is not afraid of anyone. She will scream and say that she loves him. Other side, Sameer is getting tensed as Naina screams and says “Sameer, I love you”.
Update Credit to: Simmy

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