Ishq Subhan Allah 9th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Episode begins with Kabir and Zara having dreamy romance by the lake side.. teasing each other and having close moments, fun and masti. The BG song plays…’Karam khudaya hai…”
Kabir decides to tell Zara about his nikah with Ruksar.
Ruksar gets call by courier that her courier had arrived from Dubai. Ruksar asks them to deliver between 8-9 PM. Ruksar plans that this morning belonged to Zara but the night will belong to her. Ruksar wonders if Kabir will reveal or will it be Ruksar herself!!
Kabir and Zara reach a restaurant where Kabir has booked the entire place to give then some privacy. Zara is thrilled. He is overwhelmed to see all her favorite dishes ordered by Kabir. Kabir fulfills Zara’s wish that she wanted to eat at restaurant with her husband.

She is happy she has now got all her wishes n dreams fulfilled. She is now scared if these moments will remain all her life and will never be broken. She gets happy tears.

Zara hopes her walima will get over peacefully with the grace of the lord.
She dreams of their second honeymoon. She starts dreaming of their togetherness, closeness.
Kabir is unable to reveal about his marriage to Ruksar as he did not wish to spoil Zara’s happiness.
In the evening, they return home… Ruksar watches them and mutters about their momentary togetherness. She wants to see if Zara will still hold Kabir’s hand when she learns he was shared between Zara and Ruksar.
Ruksar is getting excited about revealing her nikah.
Zara is getting dressed up for waalima ritual. Kabir wants to discuss something important with Zara but she remains busy.
Zeenat and Reema escort beautiful Zara to waalima. Ruksar has applied mehendi and she winks at Kabir.. she shows him her mehendi… Soon Ruksar’s courier arrives. As she has mehendi on her hands, she asks Zara to open it and see.
Zara is shocked to see Kabir and Ruksar’s nikahnama.
Ruksar is happy to see her nikahnama arrive from Dubai. Every one else is stunned to hear this. Shahbaz reads out that nikahnama. Zara is rendered speechless.
Zara accuses Ruksar and throws her out of the house. Ruksar asks Zara to ask Kabir if he did nikah with her or not.
Precap: Zara is heart broken. She locks herself up. Kabir breaks open the door and all are shocked as they look inside.
Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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