Ishqbaaz 10th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Khanna says I don’t know, I just came. Anika says no, you are lying, tell the truth, Shivaye is hiding something, you are saving him. She asks Shivaye to say what happened, what is he hiding. Jhanvi says Tej told the truth that Shivaye killed him, he always used to say that someone doesn’t become a son if we regard so, Shivaye proved this, Shivaye ruined my family. Om asks Shivaye to tell the truth. Papers fall down the file. Om gets papers and says Shivaye got all stocks on his name. Rudra asks what does it mean. Jhanvi says Tej always said that Shivaye wants to snatch your property, you never listened to Tej, Shivaye got all shares on his name. Dadi slaps Shivaye. Everyone cries. Anika says no Om, this can’t happen, you know how much Shivaye loves you all, Shivaye tell them the truth, its someone’s

cheap plan. Om shouts wait a min.

He asks Shivaye is this true. He pushes Shivaye and shouts, my dad always said you aren’t good, is this true. Rudra recalls Tej’s words and cries. Om says we fought with Tej, how did you kill Tej, how. Anika asks Shivaye to say the truth, what is he hiding. Shivaye thinks I can bear their hatred, I don’t want my brothers to hate their dad. He says Tej said right, I killed him. They all get shocked. He says Tej said everything true, I didn’t like his interference in business, I got all shares on my name, we had an argument, I angrily shot him. Anika asks did you lose your mind, why are you lying, say the truth, please…. I will die without you, please Shivaye….. He makes her away and says truth is I killed him. Everyone cries. Dadi says you were this house’s foundation, my pride and Ram, since when did you become Raavan, you didn’t snatch just my son, you snatched my belief, my everything, didn’t you get ashamed, didn’t you think about Tej and your brothers, get away, I don’t want to see you, you are dead for me now. She cries. Jhanvi asks Om to call police.
Anika holds Shivaye and cries. Anika says don’t do this. Bhavya comes with team. Anika asks Shivaye to say the truth, he can’t kill anyone. Shivaye says I accept my crime, I killed Tej. Khanna cries. Anika shouts no, leave him, Shivaye say something, Om please explain Shivaye, there is some big reason which Shivaye is hiding. Om says officer, get my dad’s murderer strictly punished. Rudra says take him away, else one more murder will happen today. Anika asks how can you say this. Jhanvi says he accepted his crime Anika. Anika says I can’t let you take Shivaye. She cries and begs to everyone. She goes after Shivaye. Bhavya takes Shivaye in the car. Shivaye cries seeing Anika. Anika cries and runs after the jeep. Shivaye gets jailed. Media says Shivaye accepted his crime of killing Tej, even his mum Pinky was blamed for murder many years ago.
After five years, Anika prepares for puja. Omru check arrangements. Anika lights diya. Anika asks Khanna to get the car, we shall leave now, he will do the puja once he comes. Khanna says our wait will end today. Anika says wait and tests, both will end. Khanna goes. She prays that everything gets fine. Dadi asks where are my bahus. Om says they are busy in getting ready. Gauri and Bhavya come downstairs. Dadi compliments them and smiles. They come and hugs Dadi. Gauri hugs Om. Bhavya hugs Rudra. They all hug Dadi. Dadi says I will always regret that I couldn’t do your marriage in grand way, I m happy that my grandsons got good wives. Om asks Gauri to come and decorate idol. Gauri signs Bhavya. Bhavya says we shall check pandit list once. Om goes with her.
Gauri calls Anika and asks did you leave. Anika says not yet, I m just leaving. Khanna asks Anika to come. Anika says I will come and meet, you handle everything. Rudra says yes pandit ji, I have sent the car, we are waiting for you. Anika asks Khanna to come fast, its a day of happiness. Media is outside the jail. Reporter says Shivaye is getting released before the term because of his good conduct. Anika comes there. Khanna stops media. Anika asks where is he then. Constable says we don’t know, he went that way. Reporter asks what, Shivaye got released, we will ask Anika. Anika runs somewhere and shouts Shivaye. She sees the church.
Shivaye sits inside the church. Anika comes there and sees him.
Update Credit to: Amena

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